Gear 2: Samsung Announces the 2nd Generation of the Smartwatch Clock

Samsung has just announced the second generation of the smart watch clock your. In 2014, the South Korean manufacturer releases two versions of your wearabl edevice: Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo. The novelty is that the gadgets run the brand new Citizen and the two have that Samsung claims to be the “next generation of mobile freedom” … but is it? Check out the specs of the two devices.

Gear 2: Samsung Announces the 2nd Generation of the Smartwatch Clock

Among the new features of the second generation of smart watch from Samsung have the camera in the main body of the device and not on the bracelet, which seems to have improved visually the device; the gadget is thinner, has a mm unless your predecessor; and the device was based on the Citizen, in detriment to Android. Moreover, it can be said that the user have more customization options. The Gear comes in 2 colors Charcoal Black, Gold Brown and Wild Orange, since the Gear 2 Neo in Black, Charcoal Grey Mocha and Wild Orange. As in the first version of the Gear, the bottom of the home screen and the font are also customizable.

The Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo work as an extension of your smartphone, allowing users to accept or ignore phone calls or text messages and other services. But what makes them more interesting than the first version is that both devices work as remote control of electronic products such as TVs and stereos, through WatchON Remote application because of the infrared sensor built into the IrLED gadget.

However, what really caught my attention was the addition of a music player with a Bluetooth headset, users can leave the smartphone at home and still use music in motion.

And, continuing the trend of “health in motion”, the Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo have resources to control the cardio frequency and thus keep the practice data. Anyway, a fad that we’ve seen the Samsung push since the launch of Galaxy S4.

Different from the first, the smartwatch clock Samsung Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo supported a wider range of devices, however, are still reserved for gadgets of the manufacturer. Both devices will be available worldwide beginning in April.

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