Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Criminal gameplay for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Reminder: Gameloft is the world’s largest developer and publisher of video games for mobile devices. The games are designed primarily for mobile phones, but Gameloft also develops and adapts them for platforms like Nintendo DS, PSP and PC. The
main company seat is located in France, and there are also branch offices all over the world.At the end of August Gameloft had announced the successor of the popular hit “Gangstar: West Coast Hustle”: Gangstar: Miami Vindication-for the iPhone/iPod touch as well as for the iPad. Gangstar is the principle of a GTA clone (a mixture of action, racing and third person shooter), who was quite enthusiastic about the casual gamer. Is “Gangstar: Miami Vindication” now with a price of currently 5.49 Euro ( AppStore link ) its money worth?
Game Idea
Like the original permits “Gangstar: Miami Vindication” to explore an entire city. This is done on foot, with motorcycles, boats and helicopters. Round the walk through the city with a selection of weapons: from the baseball bat to the
hand grenades to the notorious AK 47! And of course, there is also a history to the city, which can be experienced in 75 missions. The game is just as you would expect from GTA and Co. -the missions include the simple car theft through street racing to hot pursuits. If that is not enough, you can also experience and do it on a fist-whether you are escaping from the police, cruising at the sunrise on the coast with the chopper or simply wanting to turn a round in the helicopter – everything and more is possible.

Innovative is the new infusion of Gangstar not really to name, but compared to the predecessor it has been improved in essential points: Complete voiceover over the entire game, a high degree of realism in physics (for example in the cars) and the better Shaping the environment. According to Gameloft, the new gangstar adventure was also written by one of the screenwriters of the TV show “The Wire”. I can not judge whether this helped me badly, but the story is already pretty well told – in any case more gripping than the predecessor “Gangstar West Coast Hustle”. To the story: In general, the main focus is a gangster who is looking for his missing brother in Miami and then takes a terrible revenge on those who carried his brother.

The graphic remains roughly at the level of “West Coast Hustle” is not really overwhelming compared to a PC-GTA clone, but there are beautiful sunrises, and moon nights, which sometimes provide in too fast sequence for variety. And you can get more from
The animations of the characters are limited and often appear to be comic, but the cars are better animated. On the Retina display of the iPhone 4 or the new iPod touch, however, the game is outstanding and it is really fun to watch the graphics. A true technology advantage over the old iPhone 3GS or its iPod counterpart.

The control is carried out by means of a touchpad and after the first phase of acclimatization it can be described as consistently good. Small improvements are to be noted and bear witness to an evolutionary development.

Can I recommend the game? Yes, quite: The level is now at the height of the PSP and with the low price, the game provides entertainment for many hours. The missions are also sufficiently short for the occasional player. The time in the aircraft or in the ICE is thus always shortened.By the way, it is positive to note that the HD version for the iPad ( AppStore link ) costs just 5.49 euros-a nice train from Gameloft.