Galaxy S7: New Confirmations for the Edge Version and New Technology ClearForce

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is increasingly at the center of rumors. This time the rumors concerning both the display that will have the new top of the line South Korean, although in two different areas.

The first rumor is adopting a panel featuring technology of Synaptics, which would be able to measure the pressure exerted on display and offer an interaction similar to Force Touch technology. The Panel, presumably present in the new Galaxy S7, could be part of Synaptics 3700 series, which is the same as that should be located in the variant of Huawei Mate S has Force Touch and not yet come on the market.

It seems that the delay of the marketing of this variation is caused by the collaboration between Synaptics and Samsung to bring this technology even on Galaxy S7. Here, we propose a video demo posted by Synaptics:

The second rumor, however, is back to talk about the existence of two versions of Galaxy S7,already spotted less than a month ago, and as one of them has a curved display, or Galaxy S7 Edge.

Although the news may seem obvious, given what has been done by Samsung this year with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the rumor has a more interesting detail. In fact, the presumed Galaxy S7 may Edge the only terminal with curved display which will be presented by Samsung at the next season. We have already seen in the past as a Terminal with 5.7-inch display “has been identified as the possible Galaxy S7, even though it has been spotted as well a variant with 5.2”, leading to some confusion on the issue.

The recent launch of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus helps to answer the question: Samsung may have chosen not to present two models of the same diagonal but offer a traditional flat Galaxy S7 with a 5.2 “, reserving the Panel from 5.7” to Edge variant. This choice seems to be the most sensible thing between those desirable, since the current co-existence of S6 and S6 Edge has created many problems to Samsung regarding the ability to predict which of the two terminals were subject to increased demand, which has led to a decline in sales of the entire range S6.

In this way would differentiate them more his offer and if Samsung will keep the assumptions introduced this year, there should be substantive differences between the two devices.