Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Once you have the positive, the euphoria is over, the pregnant woman begins to think of an original way of announcing pregnancy to her future father, family or friends, there are several ways to do it in a fun way.

Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Most pregnant women or couples choose only to reveal to the world the pregnancy after the end of the third month, when the risk of something going wrong hardly decreases.

If you are looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your friends, here are some ideas, but we hope you share ideas and increase this list.

How to Announce Pregnancy

To reveal to the father

You can start by buying baby stuff and spreading it around the house, putting a bottle on the edge of your favorite drink in the refrigerator or putting a baby seat in the car.


Facebook is the most used social network in the world, make a short video with the ultrasounds and reveal that you are pregnant.

It can also reveal the sex of the baby in a fun and original way.

Cakes and Cupcakes

Invite the family and some friends over for a snack in your house, make a cake with a message saying “boy or girl?” In the cupcake can choose only a question mark, and surprise your friends with a cake of the color of your baby’s sex, make a normal cake batter and use a blue or pink dye.


Look for a large cardboard box and place helium-filled balloons the color of the baby’s sex, paste a message overseas “boy or girl?”, Then open the box and let the balloons out.

Still in the theme of balloons, take a blue balloon and papa in a pink, then fill the sex balloon corresponding to your baby’s sex.

There are lots of fun ideas to share yours.