From Testaf Will Be New Pilot Watch Standard Din 8330

Historic moment for pilot clocks.

From Testaf Will Be New Pilot Watch Standard Din 8330

With the din 8330: “Time measuring technology–pilot clocks”, a standard for pilot clocks was first created. It was created in several years of work on the basis of the “technical Standard pilot Clocks” (TESTAF) developed jointly by the FH Aachen and the Sinn Speciality watch GmbH. Involved in the development of goods watch manufacturers, users and test institutes.

The din 8330 is a completely new German Uhrennorm after several decades. With it, the local industry underlines its desire to develop and bring to market the technologically sophisticated timepieces.

On the initiative of the Sinn Special Watch GmbH, DIN decided in the summer of 2013 to create a standard for pilot clocks. A working group was founded for the project, in which well-known companies and Institutions collaborated – FH Aachen as an engineering research Institute, DNV GL (formerly Det Norske Veritas and Germanic Lloyd) as certification Institute, Lufthansa Cargo And Airbus helicopters as a user as well as Glashütte original as watch manufacturer. In October 2015, the relevant working committee released two parts of the standard–Part 1: Requirements and Tests and Part 2: Conformity assessment–for publication.

With the din 8330, the uncompromisingly high demands placed on the equipment of aircraft and helicopters are transferred to wristwatches via It is ensured that a wristband-watch can fully replace the pilot’s time instruments available in the aircraft, that it will not be affected by the physical stresses of the flight operations, that they do not have any potential for risk And that it is compatible with the other on-board instruments of a flying device. This is to return the concept of watch back to its origin as a timepiece equipped with special functional and technical features.

The din 8330-1 clarifies, systematizes and updates the “technical standard pilot Clocks” on which the standard is based. It extends the circle of certifiable watch types, for example by considering quartz watches or more practical requirements for the permissible magnetic signature of a watch. In numerous concrete requirements, the DIN 8330-1 surpasses the TESTAF, among other things through stricter test criteria regarding readability, vibration load and resistance to flight-typical liquids. It also defines requirements for compatibility with night vision devices for the first time.

Certified by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) approved institutions. Watches complying with all requirements of the din-8330-1 may be fitted with the well-known DIN sign. Mari

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