Floppy Pants

Oh how I’m loving this fashion! I have already spoken here a little bit about the danger of using printed pants in General, but today I want to give emphasis to the colorful pantaloons or pajama pants as are called outside, since they refer to Pajamas (dãaa lol).

Floppy Pants

These pants are mega comfortable and can be super stylish depending on the way they are used. I didn’t think you were going to avenge here but every time I have seen more and more women abusing prints in the legs. Scarf print, got puppy, geometric, abstract, ethnic, fruit and all wonderful.

Now an important point: Ideally, these pants are to have that perfect drape silk, but in the absence of silk can be a good, lightweight fabric, preferably not loved you very much and well fluid.

My passion in pajama pants is that Celine the first photo. When I first saw it, I was hoping it was Zara but not … was Celine even.Wonderful! I really like the looks fitted with blouses in neutral colors, always to balance and not confuse the visual. Look at the way clashes with the photo.

The comfort of using this type of pants is indescribable, there’s nothing more sexy and elegant at the same time. But not everything is perfect, I advise to use with high heels to look more glamorous and take the little guy in his pajamas. Is to remember a (Pajamas) not to be.

As I said before, when his pants is don’t tempt detail emblazoned at the top of the body. Only if you’re super stylish and can hold the look, otherwise don’t try to dare or the result may be catastrophic.

And what a delight to see that Brazilian women are enjoying this! I loved the look of Juliana Paes, Camila Coutinho (I took the photo inUrges Camila), and Dkny.

I separated some looks a little dubious … The first tennis found sloppy and looked like pijamão even. The middle one, as much as is fashionable to use this, I thought it was very extreme. And the latter is not all bad, I take this maxi vest but I think implied with the same glasses. This beautiful pants neam?

And finally, another look at the most perfect pattern for pajama pants, the Celine Spring 2011.

We can find this model of pants in various shops, just look with care and taste with a jump and a blouse without details and unique color. At first sight it may not please a lot, but well lit it looks pretty nice.

Oh, and who can use it? EVERYONE! If you’re skinny, perfect, will disguise the thinness. If you are chubby, perfect also, look for a pair of dark background and small print. Short, if play in the grasshopper. High, use jump too or a delicate sandal to give elegance and sophistication to play!

I bought one on Zara and I can’t wait to use. Who else is going to play this trend?