Five Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera has been one of the most revolutionary of the 2012 end gadgets. The hybrid between camera and Android as an operating system, has given a very special fruit that is delighting many fans of photography.

In addition to being a compact very powerful, attractive and with WiFi connectivity and 3G, hides many secrets I discovered today in technology you to you. Take note, because this camera is capable of doing more than just great quality photos.

The manual mode for experts

When we turn on the camera, the first thing that will appear is the automatic mode. However, on the dial on the right you can select manual mode. Once enter into it, we can take full advantage of the Samsung Galaxy camera.

From here we can control everything as if it were a conventional camera: ISO, exposure time, aperture… Perfect for taking the best pictures. Also remember that you can click on the finger in the part where you want to focus. Something very useful when we don’t have something in the middle of the screen.

Snapseed, the best ally of the Samsung Galaxy Camera

We have a compact that is capable of making excellent photos, which we can also share when using a WiFi connection or 3 g if you have a microSIM card. To close the circle also we can retouch images from there.

While it is true that there are apps like Instagram, thanks to Snapseed -as you talk about it in the blog- can do touch-ups and great quality with many possibilities: Touchup parts in particular, add filters, frames… In addition, it is free.

How to make screen captures

To be a device with Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Camera has all the functions, as if it were a smartphone or a tablet. For this reason, it is also possible to make screenshots, although the buttons are different.

To do this, you only have to press el on / zoom out button is simultaneously to automatically save a screenshot in the camera’s memory. Easy, simple, and perfect for sharing images, such as those that we are using in this article.

Battery-saving tips

The Samsung Galaxy Camera battery is a little smaller than the cell phones. However, it is also true that it consumes less since it does so many things. Still, there are ways to make that last us more and we can squeeze it more.

The most basic is to remove connections that we are not going to use: 3 G, GPS, Bluetooth and only turn them on when you need them. Adjust the brightness to auto mode also helps. Anyway, the camera features an intelligent sleep mode which while living off to sleep to save battery life.

Yes, you can install WhatsApp

Having a card 3G and Android, the Samsung Galaxy Camera always causes a unanimous question: can we use WhatsApp? Yes, you can not install it from Google Play, tell us that the device is not compatible, but there is a little trick that will allow you to do so.

To do this, we only have to go to official whatsapp, safe and reliable, where we will be able to download the apk. Subsequently, just have to install it manually from the camera: by sending it by email, by Dropbox or even lowering it from the camera.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is able to do a lot of things in addition to photos. We can enjoy games, applications of all kinds and share our best moment instantly with wireless.