First Steps with your Android Smartphone

Sure that during this time, many have received a new smartphone. At first, these devices can be a bit confusing if we compare them with a mobile phone’s life. They offer many possibilities but once we mastered them they are a perfect companion.

If this is our case, we created a special so that we learn to take the first steps with smartphones and tablets. On this occasion we have to talk about Android so if it is your first experience not worry. We guide you step by step.

The interface, toolbar buttons and notifications

Let’s start with the basics. If it is the first time that we use Android, the first thing we need to know is its interface. Although we have different versions, the elements are repeated so it is easy to become familiar with it. We have to take into account three elements.

At the top we have the notification bar. There appear us different notices as well as useful information: time, battery… When we drift away on her finger down the details of each item appear us. We only have to click where you want to open the application in question.

The applications screen, which occupies almost the entire space, is quite intuitive: icons, buttons… Each application runs in a different way but in the end they are all similar. Just have a little patience at the beginning and pay attention to what we do.

We ended up with another important element: buttons. Depends on the smartphone, you will have two configurations. Physical or virtual buttons on the screen. In any case it gives equal. Three, together, serve the same function: go back, go back to the home screen and finally to display the options menu.

How to move my contacts to the agenda

If it is the first time that we use a smartphone, you’ll want us to know what to do with our contacts. The agenda of Android has an option in the import from SIMsettings menu. If we do then it the dump will automatically start.

There are other options how to do it manually. If we do so, we can associate all contacts with your Google email account. Thus, from now on, we will have all our contacts in the cloud , and when we go from one device to another there is no problem. To customize a little agenda don’t forget to put pictures to your contacts.

If we come from other smartphones like for example iOS, in your day you prepare a complete guide where you teach to move the contacts in the phonebook from one direction to another. Take a look and if you have any questions remember that you can contact us.

Download applications

Okay, we have on mobile, we have gotten our Google account now what do we do? Start downloading applications. To do this, only we have to go to Google Play, the menu of apps, and start looking. If we do not know where to begin the best it is resorting to the tops.

We will find the most downloaded applications in different categories. We have them both free and pay. If you don’t know where to start we recommend a few: Whatsapp, Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Skype…

Sharing elements in Android

One of the key points of Android is the ability to share items. For this reason, in many applications will see sharing option within the menu or a button (you can see an example at the top). This is very useful to send files to other applications.

For example, we may share a photo in the Gallery at the time by mail. A web page can be sent via Whatsapp touch screen three times… and so far our imagination wants to because there are many possibilities.

By the way, a small trick. To copy and paste only have to leave down your finger on the text and two arrows will appear to us to make a selection. Done, only have to give the button copy at the top and then let down so it appears we hit.


If you have already used the mobile for a same day you have noticed that the battery is consumed quickly. On smartphones, is convenient to know that the autonomy not hard as in the mobile phones of all life. They have more ability, Yes, but they can also do much more.

To squeeze it, the best way is to make an intelligent use of it. Once we explain a few tricks so that bring forth you the most: do not be always activated bluetooth and GPS, re-arrange the brightness as needed…

Customize Android

Now that we have learned to take our first steps, close with a very attractive Android: customization. Unlike other mobile, here we can change everything: wallpapers, desktop widgets…

The most basic access is leaving hold your finger on the desk of the mobile. This is done appear us different actions such as changing the background, put widgets… If you want options more advanced we have the launchers, of which I spoke recently.

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment, we will help you with anything you need but we hope that this guide has served you reference to learn how to use your smartphone. It is not difficult, but it is true that at the beginning it costs a bit.