Finding the Right Sports Bra for Running

Choosing the right bra is not just a matter of fashion, but also a health issue? Did you know that the wrong model can endanger our own health?

If the wrong bra can cause back pain, you know that it can also be the cause of headaches, joint pains, disorders such dense needles on the skin and even stomach problems. And given that 76% of women wear the wrong bra, you have to wonder if we really know how to pick the right bra model.

If the bra is too small, for example, it can cause back pain and even headaches, because they are too tightens the nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

If, instead, the bra is too large, the problems are quite different: a model that does not give the right support may cause problems of posture. If the bra straps are too tight can cause pain and those ugly marks on the skin difficult to fade away.

And attention to the bra, which leave behind the “natural home” can hurt in the ribs and cause even bruises. Without forgetting the importance of choosing the right sports bra to us and to the sport that we practice.

In short, be very careful when you choose your bras, because the wrong choice could lead to disturbance even quite annoying and serious.