Find Your Pet Via GPS and App for Smart Phone

If the dog cat or horse runs away, so you can follow it live on the smart phone. But it is expensive – very expensive!

That has begun to show numerous tracking systems up, which is targeted at home users. One of them is Tractive Pet, which allows for the big runaway animals in real time on the smart phone.

Tracking unit contains GPS and the ability to send data to your phone via mobile Web.

In an application for the iPhone or Android can the animal be followed while it runs away. The system gives the option to set up a safe-zone. If the animal goes outside this received an alarm on your phone.

GPS Pet costs DKK 1,899 for Tractive unit. In addition, 32 dollars for the large version of the application, as well as 38 dollars in subscription per month if you would like to track in Denmark. Version that works in 32 countries, costing 75 dollars in subscription per month.