Find out More: Free-find My Iphone

A nice addition to the iOS update

Find out More: Free-find My Iphone
With the (free) update to iOS 4.2.1, there is a nice (free) add-on for the current iPhones 4, iPads and iPod Touch (4th generation) that previously cost money with MobileMe: ” Find my iPhone “. Already somewhere the iPhone forgotten? Or left here and there and you do not know where it was? Actually, in such cases is not always necessarily the iPhone’s actually valuable, but the data contained. So you can buy an iPhone again and reload with the backed up data, but who likes to see it when foreign people in their own e-mails or short news can snoop or look into the private phone book? These problems can be solved with “Find My iPhone”.
With the service you can find the iPhone again – or if it was stolen, then safely delete from the distance. The service is there as mentioned already mentioned together with MobileMe for some time, but the now free use is certainly a reason to revisit this topic.

Just log in to our site with your own Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions, and you can be sure that the data will be deleted (if network access) or the iPhone is found.Further information on setting up via the iPhone can also be found directly at Apple . Of course, there is also an app for this in the App Store, and you can also find them from, so you can look for example with the iPad where the lost iPhone is. Not only can the location be displayed on the map, it can even trigger a ringtone remotely controlled – probably the one that the iPhone so in the sofa between the two pillows or in the infinite widths of a ladies handbag again finds.

It is also possible to lock the smartphone over the Internet connection-with a new password, to retrieve the data later. And how accurate is the location? In an apartment, the position finding without GPS is of course not very precise, but usually one gets the iPhone in a radius of 200 to 300 exactly indicated-this should actually help already, if one knows the approximate position. Together with GPS, the positioning is very reliable and accurate. In short, an Apple service is free of charge and is certainly worthwhile.

Criticism to Apple
With all the pleasure, should not be mentioned that Apple limited the free use solely to the current iPhone 4, the fourth generation iPod touch and the iPad. Users of an iPhone 3GS remain so for example outside. The reason for this behavior is not technically justified, but lies solely in the (un) will of Apple-also this is typically Apple.

Nevertheless, there is a trick with which “Find my iPhone” can also be used on older devices.Thus, a current iOS device is required for the first activation of the service. Then the function can also be used with older iPhones. See also the article on fscklog.