Finance Class… or Everyone Theirs?

When planning your wedding, the majority of couples forget to consider in your planning how to take your finances. In general more attractive is the bachelor party, banquet or honeymoon.But, what about issues such as properties, costs and the financial responsibility of each?

The money does not have to cause stress, on the contrary! It should be a way to set goals in common and have a marriage with good finances.

We bring you some tips so that the ‘joint’ bank accounts is a problem:

Talk About Money!

It is essential, no communication , nothing will be fine. No matter how many times need to be addressed the same topic. They must be aware that if any of the two does not express its disagreement on any issue, the course will be uncertain according to financedns.

Define How To Split Assets And Properties

Decide this is a must and do so before planning the wedding is intelligent. Whether to buy or rent a property, defining how and who will touch you to pay what; If it will be the two or on behalf of one single. This also applies to goods that have already: clarify if one is of the other or if they decide to separate your things.

Shared Responsibility For The Costs

Unless you have a millionaire husband who you can indulge without that their finances will pique or vice versa, you have to measure your expenses (and it also, obviously). There will be times in which can afford to allocate a higher budget for some tastes, but each who must take responsibility for their expenses.

To Divide Or Share Debt

Each who can take responsibility for their own debts or gather them and pay them between the two. Define it before marrying.

Protect Its Economy In An Emergency

Safe, safe, safe! They are important in the life of a family, whether for removal, saving, insurance car, or College of the children. Plan and intended for a fixed cost to protect themselves from unforeseen events.