Fibroid During Pregnancy Is Risky?

Almost never the fibroid during pregnancy is risky, unless he has a considerable size. In these cases the risk of miscarriage could be higher than the average, and there may also be small effects, to be managed with the help of your gynecologist.

The fibroids are benign tumors of the uterus very common and widespread especially among women of childbearing age. Can cause pain and abnormal bleeding, but in most cases, at least in the initial phase are basically asymptomatic. Usually acts following a benign mass medication and taking under control, except for cases where the size will involve surgical removal. To learn more you can already see our deepening dedicated to uterine fibroids and the necessity of the intervention.

Fibroids during pregnancy

Given the high incidence of fibroids childbearing age it is not uncommon for this condition arises during pregnancy, and considered the factor relating to the normality, it is not uncommon for the fibroid is diagnosed during pregnancy, and then come out the first ultrasound. Usually the fibroids do not interfere with either the maternity conception or pregnancy in the strictest sense. But there are also cases where the benign mass can deform and block the fallopian tubes, or obstruct the passage of the sperm from the cervix to the fallopian tube, then cases where conceive a child could be a bit more complicated.

According to the research also women with fibroids have slightly higher risks of miscarriage , and in general are more prone to abnormal fetal position, Placental Abruption, and premature birth.Of course the complications will change depending on the number of fibroids but most of their size and location, but are multiple fibroids and large ones may actually deform submucosal tissues the uterine cavity and therefore cause problems and considerable pain.

In General, however in most cases the fibroids do not interfere with the course of pregnancy, but if you have fibroids and any episode of abortion behind, your Gynecologist may recommend surgically removing the fibroid, before trying to conceive a child.