Festive Clothing: So You Get Dressed!

When you sit down, lift your trouser legs at your knees? Or with a closed jacket conceal the strained buttons of the far too tight shirt? – That does not have to be! As the time of the festive high season begins right now, you should feel puddle in your skin, especially for festive occasions, or rather, your second skin: a well-fitting suit! We have tips on how to look great in oversized shirts and you will find a nice suit in great size that suits you and your figure!

Festive Clothing: So You Get Dressed!

1. The right shape

With a few pounds more on the ribs, it is sometimes not so easy to find a really appropriate suit.Depending on the size and weight, the individual body parts will then become real problem areas for a festive occasion, which must be skilfully dressed.According to fowlervillereviews, What is important when choosing a suit in oversize is here.

For all large sizes:

  • Do not buy too much suits, you will quickly act negligently
  • Too wide trouser legs make you thicker, comfortable cut they may be happy
  • Do not use narrow ties
  • Wear the handkerchief!This directs the view from the belly to your chest

Tip:The handkerchief should be colored, but never in the same pattern as your necktie.

Have a large and massive body:

  • Three-necked sacs look better on their smaller section with big men than one- or two-necked sacs
  • If you want to wear one- or two-button tricot, choose one with a deep neckline that makes your upper body slimmer
  • Do not use jackets with shoulder pads!They make you even wider
  • Do not wear suits with lines or stripes
  • Monochrome shirts look slimmer than patterned
  • Pants with impact shorten your legs visually
  • The folds of the folds make them slimmer and are a welcome gimmick with a strong stature
  • If you wear braces instead of belts, you do not have to ask whether the belt should be worn above or below the belly
  • Shoes that are comfortable and provide you with a firm stand are ideal for festive occasions and give security

Have a small and powerful figure:

  • One or two-button trunks stretch your upper body visually through a deep neckline
  • Long jackets are taboo, they shorten your legs visually and make them appear smaller
  • Wear solid color suits!Checks and patterns will make you look wider
  • Let your cuffs look underneath the sleeves, so you can lengthen your arms
  • Do not wear pants with an impact!Leave the trouser legs on the shoe with a fold – this makes you look bigger
  • Shoes that are comfortable and give you a firm footing are ideal for festive occasions and give security

Note:”Under no circumstances should the jacket be bought with a two-wheeled rider.This also applies to the two back slots.Both look visually rather unfavorable at large sizes.The pants must not be too short.It is best to wear the festive and elegant shoe for the anzugose!”

2. The appropriate color

Due to a strong stature, patterns – regardless of whether they are colored or black-and-white – can be seen in any case. Patterns such as checks or cross-strips can make you look wider and this is rarely desired by the wearer. If you want to put color accents, do so with a patterned tie and a matching plain-colored handkerchief. In any case, the handkerchief and the tie should match each other in color but do not have the same pattern. Needle stripes are really only wearable with almost invisible stripes with a wide stature.”Colors should be chosen discreetly and monochrome in the darker tones and also with a structure,”says our expert Oliver, who has many years’experience in the textile oversize area, has already advised many job-seekers and made happy,”with a shirt you can color combine.”

3. The matching accessories

Wide ties, flies, handkerchiefs and braces are the right accessories with just a few extra pounds on the ribs.”Clearly the tie is preferable to the fly. Exception is the father-ass shirt, with its stiff, open front, high stand-up collar , here a fly should be worn,”says Oliver. We would like to present you with a fly, tie and co.

The tie

Wide and appropriate to the color of the shirt and the suit, it may also be patterned.Depending on the shirt collar the tie should be knotted.The knot should never be so thick that it pushes the collar away from the shirt and the length of the tie should not exceed the waistband.It should stop at the button.If you have problems with the right necktielength, you can also look at our neckties in overlength .Which knot fits which collar you can see here:

Button-down collar:Casual, fits Sportsakkos and is usually worn without a tie.Suitable for any facial shape, especially with a long neck.

New Kent collar:Business, fits almost all suits and looks good with every tie knot (Four in Hand/Windsor/Kentknoten/Prince Albert).Suitable for any face shape.

Shark collar:wider collar web, wearable with and without tie, Windsor knot fits well.Suitable for narrow face shapes and long necks.

Kent collar:very popular and classic, with a Windsorknoten good portable. For men with a round face and a short neck. Important:It is essential to wear the collar with the Kent collar.

Tab collar:You should leave your fingers, the collar is very close to the neck and offers little space for a tie knot.Therefore he can only be worn with narrow ties, from which Pfundskerle however should prefer.

Instructions for different necktie knots:

In order to tie your tie to your taste, you can find links to video tutorials for:

  • Windsor knot
  • Four-in-Hand Knot
  • Kent node
  • Prince Albert knot

Caution:Shirt collars are often smaller when washing and cleaning, then they are too tight and do not fit anymore.

The fly:

Known as a crossbinder, the fly is still a trendy accessory for everyone this summer.It can be colored in color and rounded or rounded at the ends.Depending on the occasion, the festivity in the fly can be expressed through the fabric:silk fly for weddings and sporty cord flies for the date in the café next door.If you wear a classic suit with a white shirt, a patterned fly can be a nice accent to direct the view of your face and chest.Colorful flies are well suited to take the seriousness out of your suit.If you know the sporty type in jeans and polo shirt, you will be more likely to perceive you with a colorful bow tie and suit than with silk slips and tuxedos.

In the case of the fly, therefore, the occasion is clearly the decisive criterion for materiality and color.Matched to the shirt you can make a crossbinder either a casual and sporty figure or a really very solemn, but no matter which loop you choose – the ladies love flying!

The handkerchiefs:

What was once reserved for the gentlemen is now again in full swing – and that is good for you!With a handkerchief, you can direct your eyes from your belly and lower body to your upper body.It must fit to shirt and tie or fly, as long as you wear one, and should be decently folded.To fold a handkerchief correctly:( Source )

Leger:Fold the square cloth to the triangle and place the long tips in the middle. The left corner of your handkerchief is folded up to the middle, the same with the opposite side, so that the top of the hand is pushed to the edge of the now straight left side.

Festive:The handkerchief is folded into a triangle.Now fold the two pointed corners obliquely upwards, so that they lie next to the wider tip of the triangle.Now fold the lower edge a little bit upwards, put the cloth in the satchel pocket and ready!For the festive folding technique, especially slightly larger cloths with a hand-rolled edge are suitable.Due to the rolled edge the thread at the hem of the cloth is almost not visible, but it usually has its price.

“Cufflinks and a discreet handkerchief are chic and absolutely portable, depending on the occasion”, says our expert, but”colorful shoes do not go at all.”

The braces:

Narrow or wide braces look good and equalize your figure. As an alternative to the belt they are mainly suitable for a round and large belly. Pants with belts over which the belly protrudes or which clamp the lower shirt button are not so advantageous. Just as little as a belted belt. In most cases you can not see this under the jacket anyway. It is clear to Oliver:” The braces are preferable to the belt.”

This is how the suit fits!

5.Tricks for an indisputable feast

Especially during the spring and summer months, the festive high season not only makes us sweat on schedule.When the temperatures are over 25 degrees Celsius, the question of the appropriate suit for wedding, confirmation or a round birthday is even more difficult.A small but helpful advice is to buy suits and shirts with no to little synthetic fiber, because you do not sweat so much.Also in the west under the jacket should be renounced in the summer.Instead of a classic ribbed shirt, functional underwear is suitable , such as the sleeveless functional shirt “Performance”, especially for men who strongly sweat on the abdomen and back.

If you are sweating under your armpits, you can use a T-shirt for the underwear or, if temperatures become tropical, a popular trick: glue slip inserts under the shirt axes.They catch the sweat and can also be exchanged during the celebration.If you do not sweat so much, you can also try it with babypods under the arms or back on Deo-Antiperspirante.A list of antiperspirants can be found here.

The most common mistakes in the purchase purchase are easy to avoid, usually “the pants are too short or too long, the jacket is too tight or too far. It is clear that a mix & match suit can not always match the colors.” Oliver also has one last tip on the topic of shirt buying:”Take the jacket with you to the shirt purchase.”

We wish you a happy shopping – and do not forget the accessories!