Fertility / / and at One Time Was to Marginalize the Wedding!

Antonia and her husband have wished for more nothing than a baby. The desire was great after a child, the hope is bigger and then, after 1.5 years “Tinker” and a little help, it was ready. The probably most beautiful wedding gift that the bride and groom could be made. A little daughter. But read for yourself. Antonia has written down their story for you. Touching and beautiful.

Fertility / / and at One Time Was to Marginalize the Wedding!

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and At One Time Was to Marginalize the Wedding!

We got engaged us in October 2014. The feeling was wonderful and I was floating on clouds. We wanted to save and wait one, two years with the wedding. But in December, we decided after some considerations to marry sooner. There appeared not only love, but also threatening calculus. Why? Because we have long tried to have a baby and I had received the diagnosis of Poly cystic OVARY syndrome. So that was the reason why our greatest desire, our incredible longing still had not worked: I had no cycle. And no ovulation. And there’s no babies without ovulation. The thoughts began to revolve and we knew that fertility treatments can be very expensive and married couples are supported more… I do not deny that also sounds so not romantic, but such thoughts accompanied us at this time. Especially my suffering was huge, the yearning for a baby, Yes, the longing for the life itself, drove me almost crazy, and my body not working just as it should. I f hlte me inferior as a woman, not “enough”. In addition was sick a grandparent at once and we had concerns about him. That moved us to the decision, earlier than planned before the altar to occur. We were looking for an appointment and the planning began.

It distracted, filled me with anticipation and was really fun. I designed invitation cards, created seating plans, wedding ABC, wrote several times with the location and the stakeholders about denying. My mom and Maid of honor were a great support to me and were with me wedding fairs and bridal fashion shops. Above all, they tried to get me, if I wanted to control everything down to the smallest detail down. I wanted to have the perfect wedding for us and our guests, and everything at your fingertips. I was passionate with a touch Wedding planer dictator. Early 2015, after over a year of “Hancock” on the baby, I finally found the perfect dress. Well, really did not fit yet, and I brought it to the dressmaker, because it should be made somewhat more closely. What other women pleased I came across: I would need a tighter dress instead of space for a baby tummy. But well, I tried to see it positively: the photos would be definitely really beautiful!

The wedding raced up further, the planning was almost completed. I had neatly filed everything in my folder, written down and agreed: the carriage was organized, the guest gifts tinkered and packed, the schedules for the guests were to be printed only and our dogs were allowed to participate in the ceremony at the registry office. For our “Big” would bring the rings. On four Paws to the altar, that I was looking huge. The photographer was finally found and booked and sample styling was coming shortly. We found a DJ, which also spent an hour would entertain the little ones. For our families and friends would have some special guests here. Was important, that they would get not only a corner of the time, but an unforgettable celebration for me. In parallel, we imagined in the fertility clinic and started my treatment, so could finally form follicles and in particular jump. Well, I was regularly ordered ultrasound and control. I fired my ovaries, was still hoping for me and I was almost sure that we would wear our wedding gifts to the hospital. At some point, but actually formed something, and was willing to make on the way: that was a few weeks before the big day. We took the chance and dreamed of the possibility that it might have finally worked. At the same time, I was afraid that I would again disappointed. Why could it not just finally work? I wanted to not stare at a white test, a “not pregnant” reading. The time until then vanished however: we had to clarify a lot with the hotel and the guests. I explained the nausea wavy on with the approaching wedding: if I have stress, which lays down at me immediately on the stomach. My young donkey linen farewell also approached and I had even said to drink what I do otherwise never (!). But now I also thought “why not? Then I will be hopefully soon pregnant.” Some people pour their frustration and their sorrow with alcohol. I could try that too. Maybe I wanted to also just really turn off and finally forget the baby theme.

Fertility – a Baby to the Wedding!

Then came the day when we ventured a retest of the pregnancy. I wanted to make him be sure before work. It was exactly a week before our big day. I wanted to know, me resign, and have processed before the wedding. Since the test was staring at White and invidiously me and in me, everything collapsed. Even though I had a feeling it, hope was always by my side. My husband came and said: “There is something!”. I was shocked: “What?” “Yes! Since a line is!” And indeed, there was something. The world stood still. At once a wafer-thin, second line formed there. The next day I repeated the procedure: “pregnant 1-2” name was on the display. We cried from happiness, relief and love. As of this moment, I trusted my body suddenly. I knew that he now knew what it was to do. So I forced my husband to buy: we bought a white, tiny body. I labeled them with the following sentence: “June 10, 2015 – I was in the Middle, instead of only doing!”. We wanted to show him the guests after the ceremony. Everyone should know. You should have the opportunity to look forward to now so much to love this small new people as we did from the first moment with and for us. It was planned that we set up a few words after coffee to our guests with “three of us get this now for the photo shoot!” and would complete a body stretched in the height. What could there be more beautiful, to celebrate as this love? Because we would be connected for life: not only on paper, but above all by our child. We are already inaugurated just our parents.

Then came my JGA and actually I had rightly set yes this wonderful surprise plan. But it is sometimes different than you think. The door opened, I greeted my friends and I said: ‘I can’t drink yet! I’m pregnant! “.” BOOM. Well, there was even crossed through my neatly prepared plan, but the joy was huge. I could so still surprise the other guests.

The day of the wedding arrived. My mom and Maid of honor were with me, we made us ready, went into the beautiful white horse-drawn carriage, and drove to the registry office. With the most valuable of all cargoes under the heart. Our wedding was magical and beautiful. Our Kusko brought the rings, my nieces brought sugary charm, it tears without end flowed and I was always dull due to missing breakfast. After the Yes Word, we went with the horse-drawn carriage through the city and took photos before we followed the guests to the location. No one had thought everything was so beautifully planned – but on a Granola bar for the now pregnant bride or just a Schnongs. I was always dull and almost black in mind. The photographer responded and arrived little spot, I got handed a Cheese Scones immediately. Now I was stuck because of the location and the cheering guests in the car and devoured it. And somewhere I heard roil my grandma as older people do with such rude behavior. I got out and shouted: “I’m sorry, but the baby had huge hunger!” and approximately fifty guests stared at us. To do this, it should be mentioned: most knew that we made for one and a half years on a baby. My sister cried again: “The bride is pregnant!” and we cheered. Cheered not only our marriage, but especially these little people, who had made himself on the way to us, the miracle that is not matching on the way could make can. Because there is nothing better than a wedding to announce a long-awaited pregnancy? We had tears in our eyes and the celebration began. It was a wonderful day full of love, joy, dance, photos (so a wedding is Yes to a large extent from a photo shoot) and colorful and wild about swept past us. The fabulous food I could bring down a little bit and I was just fixed and finished at the end of the ceremony. Despite small mishaps, of which we hardly something with got (and you are simply included!), we enjoyed all us great and today we are talking about the wonderful festival like. The dress had to be laced incidentally very closely, because our baby had been properly caused nausea. So there were so beautiful, slim photos including baby belly. But it could not have been more beautiful, than with the knowledge that we would soon be a “real” family. So, I did the man, I not only love, but also the father of my, our child married. It was exhausting and yet intoxicating and above all floated this unspeakable happiness that we ourselves had made the most beautiful gift.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary with our baby in her arms. She wore the body, which we had at the time bought and labeled. It is still incomprehensible that at one time put a little suvidha in him. We wallowing in memories of this beautiful day and this time I could also welcome long at the festive dinner.