Fast Fashion: All Handbags!

Last week I asked if you would like to theme and posts as they seemed to like the idea  this week I chose to focus my attention fully on the stock markets. Just love bags. I think my love for handbags is comparable to that of Lu by shoes, heheh! Love for two reasons: they last longer and have an incredible power to transform the clothes. I don’t have a lot of pity to spend my money with accessories, like I said in the last post, but I confess that if I have to choose between a shoe and a amazing purse who accompanies me home is the second option. Look what I found there:

Fast Fashion All Handbags!

Hard to find cheap handbags on Zara, see? There are a lot of beautiful thing, but when you look at the price gives a certain discouragement. Looking for loooong managed to find two nice models. The first was that black bag, enooorme. I quite like big bags for use during the day because I’m carrying a lot of junk and that’s why the small models I have are kind of dropped. This Zara is up a little over the top, but  I think it is a good alternative to get to College, for example. She goes by R$139,00. The second bag I saw over there is that black with maxi Golden studs. She enters the category of rich scholarship for being more overweight(remember my crazy criterion?), and be made of a material that is more grossinho, which apparently is more resistant. I couldn’t tell if she is real leather, but found the price ok: R$199,00.

Renner discouraged me a little in terms of scholarships. The collection of clothes and shoes are SUPER cute and in the hour of exchanges. Well more or less. I found beautiful pieces, but nothing that made me take the credit card wallet. The one that caught my eye was this black with details, via Mulberry inspired, huh? She’s quite pretty live, but I thought the material a little crush. It costs R$119,00. Also  I found this wine with studs beem pretty, has a size super good and the price is also beautiful: R$109,00. The last of the Renner was this pale also tote with studs. I found a purse okay, not very beautiful, but it is the message: R$79,90.

After a bit of dismay in other stores came in  at C & A and life has changed: I found several options super beautiful and with fair prices. A lot of that is due to the fact that the store has released your second collection with Cori last week. I’ve seen some pieces of this special collection on the internet, but the three bags that I chose to show you was the first time I met. I could tell they had a special care in choosing the materials used in the bags.Most of them have textures and look well made. The first was that gray full of textures and good to use in everyday life, because it’s pretty big. Go out R$129. Now, I was in love with these two black bags from the collection. I think each one has your purpose, but would buy happy. The two cost R$129,00. Still in C & I found Nice models that were not part of the collection of the Cori. The first was that Celine inspired well worthy and made with good materials, by R$119,00. For those who prefer smaller handbags, this golden detail, by R$69,90.

Like the findings? And I wanted to know: what do you guys think about the parts inspired by models of famous brands? I found several bags so you noticed?