Fashion Raincoat Rainwear

Winter is just arrived and if I in Sicily, the sun still warms, there are places a little more about where the real cold and rainy series are already routine. Today we see with an anti trendy rain look very cute for fashionistas penniless, they have available small budget.

Fashion Raincoat Rainwear

The anti rain or rainwear (see what does raincoat mean) does not have to be staid, and staid, you can play with the accessories while maintaining the casual tones such as gray and black, of course, nobody forbids to opt for the same stock as colored, perhaps even by fluò tones!

The hat seems unnecessary but actually adds that English touch that the days of heavy rain, there is always good, I propose hat Gherardini stamped monogram fabric in shades of gray which costs 95,00 euro. Then you can opt for trousers to be put off with the boots, so you are sure not to return home water soups up the socks. Among the boots you can choose for example the ultra-flat boots in black fabric with buckle below the knee Sheen which costs 56,00 euro, or leather boots and wool blend with a rounded tip of Cafe Noir to 90,00 €.

Now here is a sweater that is good for us, those who fall narrow hips and emphasize the silhouette such as a pull ribbed neck embroidered with studs and plates, wool only 66,00 EUR, perhaps to wear with a belt, nice to Daniele Martinelli in gray suede with silver studs applications.

Finally the bag, you can choose whatever you want, as long as it is not anything too delicate, cute such as Keisha in black imitation leather with double handles and silver metal inserts which costs 75,00 euro.