False Eyelashes: How to Apply and Remove Easily and Practically

Know the best tips about the universe of this makeup item that enhances your look, leaving you more striking and striking.

False Eyelashes: How to Apply and Remove Easily and Practically

Bulky and elongated lashes have the power to leave any beauty with a special touch.However, they are not all that have leftovers in the eye region and in these cases, a good alternative is to invest in the hairpieces.

False eyelashes were initially marketed only in the cinematographic medium and used by the actresses since the last century to leave the characters with a more dramatic look.

Currently, there are several options of false eyelashes on the market – from top brands to “made in China”.But no matter what model, brand or size you choose, everyone can be easily found and ready to be used by anyone who wants to value the look and get a more elaborate production.

Follow the steps below and the tips of Fabiane Pinheiro, owner and head of training of the Eyebrow Studio that bears her name, to understand what it takes on false eyelashes and start using.

Step 1: How to Choose the Ideal Eyelashes

“When it comes to choosing eyelashes, it will not only depend on the occasion and the shape of the eyes, but on what people like, whether they like very long lashes or whether they like them short and bulky, will vary according to the taste of each person. “, explains Fabiane Pinheiro.

Moreover, according to Fabiane, the quality of an eyelash depends on the thickness and malleability of the threads.”They must be malleable like a natural thread, not too thick and always have thin ends.”

Anyway, the variety of sizes, types of yarn and its effects is huge.But to choose yours you need to know the stylish types of eyelashes available in the market and understand the difference between each of them.


They are the most common and easiest type to find.The eyelashes come in whole and from bulky to long, so there is variation in the amount and spacing of the threads, as well as length.

For a more raised look, those of more curved and long yarns are indicated, being careful not to appear very artificial.Another option is to invest in eyelashes that increase in size gradually, which leave a drawing up in the eyes and, consequently, the gaze raised.

To make make even more powerful, it is worth investing in eyelashes with joined threads, giving the necessary fill for those who have scarce natural threads and an extra volume for those who already have a good amount of eyelashes.Indicated to leave the incredible look on a nightly appointment.

“The false eyelash is perfect for a special occasion, such as weddings, events, ballads, etc.It enhances the beauty of the face and, especially, the look, making it more sensual and valued.But there are women, nowadays, who use them on a daily basis, go in the style and taste of each person, “explains Fabiane.


As the name suggests, they are eyelashes applied only in the corners of the eyes.The eyelash also looks up, but it gives a more discreet effect to production.Suitable for use during the day and on occasions that demand lightness.

Tip: The angles can be made from the halves of a round false eyelash.One only needs to remember that the right half goes to the left eye and the left to the right eye, so that the eyelash begins to grow smaller and longer along the eye.


This is the most discreet and delicate type of false eyelash because it is a small group of yarns that are applied separately.The effect varies from person to person as it depends on the amount of tufts and the place where they were applied.

Step 2: Applying Eyelashes

After choosing the appropriate eyelash model for you, it is time to apply.The main tip is to test before the day of use, to avoid any problem or delay.By practicing, the application will become easier and safer.

“Before it is always good to sanitize them well, removing all grease from the lashes and the region around the eyes,” advises Fabiane.The way to apply eyelashes is practically the same for all types, check step by step:

  1. Put the false eyelashes over the natural ones, see if the size is equivalent to your eye and cut (in “buds”) if necessary;
  2. Apply the glue close to the base of the eyelashes, taking care of the excess product;
  3. Wait 30-60 seconds for the glue to become more consistent and sticky, this facilitates application;
  4. Hold the ends of the strands and place the eyelashes on top of your nails and make sure it is straight.
  5. Little by little and delicately, go pressing the false eyelashes so that they stick.

The application of the eyelash curl occurs in the same way, however, because it is smaller than the round model, it is easier to apply it.In this way, the model is a good alternative for those who are learning to use the inserts and do not need a very powerful effect.

As for tufted eyelashes, the application is very similar to that of the other eyelashes, but as they are separated from each other, it is necessary to apply one by one.Pass glue at the base of each part and glue to leave the two eyes symmetrical.


Check out the videos-tutorials below to view the application of eyelashes and get more tips on how to choose, apply and look beautiful with your hairpiece.

Step 3: How to remove and clean false eyelashes

Finally, after a day (or a night) with powerful eyelashes, you must remove them.Removing the false eyelashes is actually quite simple: just pull it carefully.If you prefer not to pull, it can also be removed with a make-up remover.In addition to facilitating the withdrawal process, this already helps to make eyelashes cleaner.

Removing, cleaning and storing eyelashes properly allows them to be reused, but not for many times.To see in practice this process to remove eyelashes and learn how to sanitize and store yours, see the following videos:

10 false eyelashes to buy online

Undoubtedly, there is a wide variety of eyelashes available in the market.You can find beautiful eyelashes from well known brands in the field (First Kiss, MAC, Vertix, among others), but another option are the eyelashes imported from China.

The advantage is the low prices (you can buy 100 pairs of eyelashes for about 36 reais!), While the downside is having to wait weeks until your product is delivered.In addition, because it is an international purchase, you must be careful and look for sellers with a “good reputation” on the site.

That said, check out below some options false eyelashes from different makes and models and choose yours.

6 Tips That Will Make Your Relationship Easier With False Eyelashes

  1. A good tip is to put a little more glue on the ends to give a “reinforced” in the corners, since they are the most complicated pieces of paste.
  2. For ease of application, tweezers can be useful both for securing and positioning the eyelashes, and for helping to press down to secure them securely.
  3. If any traces of glue remain, you can apply (or reapply) the eyeliner close to the eyelashes.
  4. Apply mascara after gluing eyelashes, always carefully, helps to join the false threads to the natural ones.Besides being more natural, it contributes to fixation.A good alternative to avoid any disaster is to wait for the eyelashes to dry for a while, before passing the mascara.
  5. There is a fake eyelash applicator on the market, similar to a common tweezer, which promises to make it easier to apply, it is worth studying the possibility of investing in novelty.
  6. Choose a good glue: in addition to contributing to a faster drying, a good glue can ensure eyelashes in place longer and prevent them from loosening throughout the day or night.It is also important to use an appropriate glue to apply eyelashes, after all it is a very sensitive region.

Makes with false eyelashes to inspire you

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