Facebook Wins in Beautiful High Definition Photo Viewing

Largest online photo store in the world, Facebook not to quiet. Keeps inventing new ways to display visual content that rides so easily by the social network. Because of this, come up with some delay the announcement earlier today: pictures in high resolution and full-screen image display on the social network.

According to the Office of Facebook in Brazil, the new maximum resolution for photos posted by registered users may reach four times the size previously accepted on the site. An improvement that will certainly attract even more photographers (amateur and professional) for the social network – despair of staff Flickr, I think, which has been losing weight day by day.

Facebook had changed the photo viewer in February, when he presented a new interface for the tool capable of displaying a picture of a hand and comments, legend and other information from the other. Very similar to what Google + uses a few months ago, I might add.

In addition to supporting larger and higher quality images also showed the display mode in full screen. Notice the next time you enter the social network that will show a button in the upper right of the photo. The idea is that by clicking it, the image pipoque and fill the entire screen. Better to see cool albums that friends post.

The office of Facebook said the tool works on the latest version of Chrome and Firefox.