Facebook Unifies Tanned Instagram and Foursquare

Part of the activities posted on Facebook actually come from Instagram or Foursquare. On Wednesday (20) the social network began to integrate Tanned both Instagram and Foursquare to the site’s history. You mean, when you click “like” on a picture of Instagram, the same “like” appears in your history within the social network.

Facebook explains that the novelty is only possible thanks to Open Graph, a kind of set of APIs that allows developers to create applications that work differently with the threads of the social network. Rdio app, for example, lists the latest songs that his friend listened with buttons the right to the user to go directly to each of the songs and listen.

It seems to me, integration with Instagram – bought by Facebook for $ 1 billion – and Foursquare goes to show the duty of devs that the action to enjoy truly works with other third-party applications. A good showcase, quite popular services, explaining the benefits of showing the social network activities that users perform in other “social” environments.

Calm down, it will not mess of “like” made from third parties. Each user must accept, to enable a new application, posting “tanned” that are not part of the controlled environment of Facebook. different actions to enjoy content are prohibited from using the API for this purpose. For example, to classify a film with five stars on a site assessments may not result in a “like” on the social network.

Developers interested in using the “like” applications should go on this page to meet the resource guidelines. Who implement the wrong way runs the risk of being prodded by Mark Zuckerberg in person. Lie.