Facebook Releases Automatically Upload Photos to Android and iOS

In September, Facebook began testing a new feature that automatically sends all photos cell to the servers of the social network. The feature is similar to existing in Google + and Dropbox: so you have a connection available, the Facebook app will detect the new photos and send. Today Facebook announced it is releasing the feature for all users.

A page on Facebook’s help center explains how the Photo Sync works: “When you enable sync photos, the photos from your phone are saved in a private section of your Facebook photos.” That is, the photos will be sent, but initially your friends can not see them – can still take embarrassing pictures smoothly.

The feature can function as an automatic backup – if you lose your phone or need to restore the factory settings, all pictures (up to 2 GB limit) will be saved on Facebook. Moreover, as the photos are already stored on the servers of Facebook, it is easy to immediately publish them, without waiting for the good will of your connection.

According to Facebook, the app is smart enough not to make you pay fortunes with data plans: By default, only lighter versions of the photos, about 100 KB, will be sent when you are in a 3G network; larger photos will be sent when you are connected to a network Wi-Fi. Also, the pictures are not synchronized when the charging battery is low.

The news is being distributed gradually to all owners of smartphones with Android and iOS. No need to check for Facebook application updates – the feature is now available on your phone, just is not enabled. When, just access your timeline, tap Photos, then Synchronize and follow the instructions.

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