Facebook Launches Web Version of Messenger – Without the Distraction of Your News Feed

From today you can use the chat Facebook by computer without even opening Facebook. Bringing the same concept used in smartphone apps, chat can be accessed by the browser, the Messenger.com – just log in with your Facebook account.

It seems weird to access another site if you already had access to the Messenger within Facebook itself. A spokesperson for Facebook told Re / code that Messenger is ideal for those who do not want the distractions of the news feed and other resources of the social network. In this case, the question is just focus and productivity, not separate services.

The Messenger interface closely resembles that of mobile applications, specifically the version for tablets. A column on the left side displays the latest chats while the rest of the screen is taken by the chat. Within the chat, you can send files of various types and infamous stickers.

The site works very well, although it is not fully adapted for high density screens – the icons are slightly blurred and avatars within the chat window are in a strange size.

At least for now, the Messenger remains fully integrated with Facebook. Since the Messenger has gained more independence from Facebook, it would be interesting if the company would release an app for desktop – with bubble heads, preferably! – For your users to avoid the exchange of tabs while browsing.