Everything You Need to Know Flu Shot in Pregnancy

Flu shot in pregnancy, everything you need to know: what are the risks in case of vaccination or vaccination not? What is recommended by the Ministry of health? Where to turn? All posts by expectant mothers.

Vaccines are put on trial several times, but doctors have no doubts: vulnerable groups must submit to vaccines to prevent serious health problems. These risk categories are mainly the elderly, children, people with prior pathology and pregnant women. The vaccine prevents infection influence due to a certain virus, this means that colds and seasonal ailments can always appear and must be fought in other ways, but the influence, one which can create serious damage to health is kept away thanks to vaccination. However, sometimes pregnant women are afraid of dealing with substances that are harmful to the child: Let’s see so all you need to know about the flu shot during pregnancy.

Flu shot in pregnancy: schools of thought

Not all obstetricians are unanimous in recommending to the mother to get vaccinated; some, in fact, believe that the injection of the serum endanger women and children more than the flu itself.In fact, all the competent organs, starting from the Ministry of health, advise pregnant women to get vaccinated because the flu could cause serious damage to the fetus. Theflu during pregnancycan be very debilitating and lead to serious problems such as cardiac or respiratory, pulmonary embolism, suffering until the miscarriage in severe cases.

Flu shot in pregnancy: How does it work?

For this type of vaccines using virus inactive and there are two kinds: split virus (virus fragmented) or sub-units of virus (virus proteins present on the surface): only your doctor will tell you which vaccine is best for you. In your Asl reference, or in the physician’s Office itself if an agreement can be vaccinated with a simple injection in the arm. The vaccine during pregnancy should be made as a precaution in the second or third trimester of pregnancy and it is free. From the time of vaccination, the child will be protected from the flu virus even within the six months following the birth.

Flu shot in pregnancy: effects?

There is some risk in every vaccination which it submits, is a doctor and mom assess, knowing the State of health of the woman. The studies, however, agree to not detect effects that endanger the life of the mother and child. In General, you experience redness, itching, light illnesses that pass after a few days without leaving consequences. The expectant mother is obliged to tell your doctor all the pre-existing conditions of which suffered: some categories cannot be vaccinated, it would be a risk. Moreover, even an illness that prevented the mom to produce enough white blood cells can endanger a woman’s health in case of vaccination, so it is important to tell your doctor every detail of their State of health.

Flu shot in pregnancy, so if you avoid it?

Women with certain diseases cannot take the flu vaccine during pregnancy, particularly if mom:

  • presents chronic diseases to the respiratory system
  • is suffering from diabetes
  • has heart disease
  • He suffered from an illness that has limited production of white blood cells
  • has severe congenital diseases
  • has metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, etc.)
  • has a bad intestinal absorption
  • has already had problems with other vaccines