Eroski Mobile Simplifies and Lowers Its Rates Offer Prepaid

Eroski mobile begins the renewal of its fares for this 2014 with a first phase which affects from today to the rates for prepaid card an improvement that apply both new and existing customers automatically and whose prices are include VAT in all cases as it begins to be.

With renewal rates to four modalities are simplified, two of price per minute that lowered their prices with respect to previous offerings both in its version with call set-up as he and others two new bonus minutes with 250 for 8 euro or 500 minutes for 12 euros.

Four rates that will allow recruitment without need to activate a bonus data, in which case applies a price of 3.63 cents/MB or you can add 300 MB for 4 euros or 600 MB for 6 euros. Details of the new rates are as given below:

From Eroski already have advanced the next renewal of contract rates that it has been significantly disadvantaged with respect to the card by which should not take to have news. We will remain vigilant.