Elisabeth Hübert: Body-for Body and Soul

Are you looking for a fitness training that will get your body in shape and at the same time relieved? Then our body-way training course with musical-star Elisabeth Hübert is destined for you!

Elisabeth Hübert: Body-for Body and Soul

Body ARTTM was developed by the fitness expert Robert Stein bacher as a training program for body and soul, in which the human being is the focus of a functional unit.

Yoga, exercise therapy, Japanese do in (a type of massage), classical breathing techniques and specially developed exercises form the building blocks of the workout and lead to a synergy of training and relaxation.

The goal of body type is to achieve the health of the entire locomotor apparatus through functional strengthening and stabilization. Since the exercises are used to train several muscles at the same time, body-types strengthens all parts of the body and increases balance.

The workout diverts concentration on breathing and brings body and spirit into harmony. Regular training increases the energy in everyday life.

Elisabeth Hubert: “Fit For The Stage”

The gymnast in our fitness track is Elisabeth Hubert, starring Jane in the Disney musical “Tarzan”. Hubert is on stage eight times a week-a challenging show for which you have to be physically fit. “As a balance to the ideas, I like to do yoga exercises or other outdoor exercise.  According to newvilleoutdoor, with yoga I find inner peace and can relax, “says the 22-year-old.

“Body style combines relaxation with muscle toning-simply a great combination for a fitness program. With the workout I can do a lot for myself and my body without much time spent. “