Electric Heaters for Bathroom Use

Electric water heaters are practical and effective.

Low investment and ease of installation time are some of the advantages of the electric water heater. The product is indicated for use in showers. Made of plastic, it has a resistance inside, responsible for water heating as soon as the tap or shower is triggered.

For the most common model, the water electric heater must be installed at each point where you want to have hot water. In the case of the sink should be below it. The big advantage is that reforms are not required to use this product, since it does not require specific pipes for hot water. In this version, you can find temperature control options with up to four settings.

There is another type of electric heater central water. You can put it in a bathroom to heat up to four points – such as faucets, shower and hygienic shower. It is recommended, however, that the use is not simultaneous, since the heater power is divided according to number of connected points.

The central version has two types of settings. The electronic potentiometer has a button that allows control of more personalized temperature according to your needs. Since the model with predetermined settings provides water with up to four different temperatures.

Keep an eye

  • In the product tension: there are options of 110 V and 220 V. The model must be compatible with the voltage of your home;
  • The power of the heater. The higher it is, the greater the heating capacity provided by piece. But before you buy, make sure an electrician circuit breaker support the power of the equipment;
  • At the time between the point to be used and the water tank. This information is important to buy the perfect piece. If this number is between 1.5 and 8 meters, you need a low-pressure heater. But if this number is 8 to 40 meters, purchase a high pressure model.