Edith Brabata Presents ICARO: Jewelry Inspired by Freedom

Yesterday, presented within an Assembly extremely intimate and cozy collection latest Edith Brabata jewelry designer, which is inspired in the liberty, who, in his own words, says:

Edith Brabata Presents ICARO: Jewelry Inspired by Freedom

“This collection is inspired by freedom. All people are born with wings. These wings are encouraging us to take flight, to live intensely. The wings don’t let us fall never, allow us to stand and go as far as you want. They are momentum, our adventurous and curious side. Throughout our life times, making use of this freedom, we give them, stopped them or hide them.”

The LIC Cotero presidente de la Camara Joyera present at this event so special for the designer.

At a glance, we can observe that parts in a great detail but at the same time are a sophisticated simplicity. That definitely I fell in love with the attendees. This is proof that the Mexican design competes to the couple of any international brand according to Societypically.com.

With this exclusive collection of 14 k gold 17 PCs Edith Brabata returns to the design of fine jewellery in gold. The trajectory of Edith Brabata has evolved. His maturity and his constant learning is reflected in a few unique pieces under the name of ICARO collection and encourages us to remember that our essence, as these pieces of handcrafted, limited edition, is unique and exceptional.