Early Pregnancy Test

Diagnose a pregnancy before missed period is now possible with the early pregnancy test. Increasingly sensitive to the hormone HCG, can be used as a normal pregnancy stick and allow you to detect hormonal concentrations with a percentage of 75-80% certainty.

Diagnose a pregnancy with certainty through tests in early you can stick both normal but at the risk of false negative classics and some false positives.

What does it mean?

Simply that there is a high percentage chance that the pregnancy test is wrong. The same goes for symptoms of pregnancy (missed period included) that can affect a diagnosis “nose” of the State of pregnancy. This does not mean, however, that these methods including pregnancy tests are not reliable. It means only that I’m not 100% sure.

Early symptoms of pregnancy

  1. In the first weeks after conception, you may notice changes in the body and in the way it feels.A missed period is usually the first symptom of pregnancy. However, many other conditions, from stress to certain chronic diseases, can delay the onset of menstruation, then a period of delay is not always a reliable sign up at least two weeks after the date of your period. On the other hand, it may also have spots during pregnancy.
  2. In early pregnancy, also, you may feel more tired than usual.Nausea or vomitingmay occur, especially in the morning at the second or third week of conception
  3. The breast may have some tingling or grow more than usual.If you are recording your basal body temperature, it may be higher than necessary. However, just like the delay of menstruation, all these signs and symptoms can have other causes, being not so sure proof that she is pregnant.

Pregnancy test before the delay

Pregnancy tests are designed to detect the presence in urine of human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG), a hormone produced by the developing placenta shortly after fertilization. Early pregnancy test is simply more sensitive communes stick that can be used no earlier than the first day of delay to test the presence of this hormone in the blood.

It is also clear that the more time passes since delay, more HCG levels rise, always giving fewer false negatives. As the early pregnancy test is performed on urine and blood not like laboratory, however, will never be 100% sure.

Early pregnancy test can be, therefore, carried out by the 25th day of the cycle (calculated from the first day of your last period with regular ovulation) but the result, especially negative, should not be taken as definitive as that outcome may be caused by insufficient presence of HCG in urine.

Pregnancy tests differ therefore, between early and normal simply because of their sensitivity to detect the amount of hormone in small amounts in the urine.

Early pregnancy tests: how to choose

10 Miu/ML hcg tests as such as Confidelle Progressfor example head low concentrations of this hormone. Also on call 10 Miu/ml and Professional serious-strip are susceptible to this concentration.

The most common Predictor or Cler Blue are sensitive to a concentration 50 Miu/ML. To get more specific advice should always speak to the pharmacist and ask questions about the product.However, to know how to navigate the purchase of an early pregnancy test is good to watch just that value contained by the stick that stands between

  • 10 Miu/ML
  • 20 Miu/ML
  • 25 Miu/ML
  • 50 Miu/ML

Are considered reliable on average since 4 days before your period 3 – testing with sensitivity

  1. at 20 Miu/ML as Analysis Time test
  2. 20 mIU/ml Confirmation
  3. 3 Plus 20 mIU/ml great and widespread
  4. Rapid 20 mIU hcg/ml