Dropbox Can Now Be Divided into Private and Business

Do you use Dropbox for both personal and business notes, or do you miss the possibility of continuous editing, so there is good news on the road.

Many use Dropbox and many mixes personal information with the business or jobdokumenter. Therefore make Dropbox an update that makes it possible to divide the two things, although it still is the same account you log in.

At the same time, you can share your memories so that you purchase additional space for one part of the account, without the second part to be drawn into the extra space.

Do you share documents with others in your company or home, so continuing the joyful news. Now you can view and edit the same document at the same time.One need no longer shut down and retrieve the latest version again. It all happens in “real-time”.

Do you use Dropbox for both private and business?