Drill Holes in Concrete with Hammers

Potent, these power tools have different models

The hammers are intended to reduce the user’s physical effort and help in carrying out work more quickly and efficiently. This power tool has the important function of breaking and drilling concrete, floors, columns, high-strength beams. You can find these tools here with different brands, powers and tensions in 110 V and 220 V. The product prices are, as always, the lowest in the market. Compare and check.

You can confuse the functions of this tool with the drills. But do not be fooled by appearances: the gavel produces stronger impacts contact surfaces due to its mechanism, which performs the holes more quickly and accurately.

Do not compare the use of this equipment with the breaker, also known as gavel hammer or breaker, whose mission is to demolish more robust materials such as structural concrete, high density bridges. You can use two drills: slitter, which breaks the surface without following a specific definition, or prop drill, allowing more concentrated disruption.

In the description of the products, you may come across an indication punch. Recommended for drilling concrete more accurately for the installation of wiring, this version does not destroy the surface.

And importantly, it is recommended to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the integrity of users, such as gloves, the goggles and masks.