Don’t Choose the Necklaces

It’s disappointing that you can’t find your necklace when you are prepared to leave home. It may drop out as you take your shirts off and you have to choose another.

Making all necklaces separative and visible may be a good trick, but it can not work for all kinds of necklaces. Today’s post is about how to organize your necklaces as covered on

Thin chains

Do you know those thin chains, which tend to screw in anything that gets as close as 20cm? The best option for this type of necklace is to separate them into individual bags so that you don’t need spend time on looking for them. At the meaning time, it can also make your home neater and more beautiful! These bags can be bought online or in stores.

Tip: when you choose the bags, preferring the airtight seals. 

Big collars

Not all collars are suitable with bags, and some may even lose their shape. For the biggest, you can use 3m adhesives (generally are sold to organize wires) and paste them in a hidden place in your room.

A lot of people use similar techniques in the wardrobe. But for those wardrobes which are full of things that twine, such as lace and silk, it is a good idea to choose the side of a bookshelf which is not visible to anyone who enters the room. This is the big deal.

Delicate necklaces

There are also some necklaces that don’t fit into any of the categories. For the most delicate necklaces or assemblies, you can use organza bags. But don’t chose the necklaces which are matched with earrings! Organza bags are also available both on the Internet and supermarket.

No embarrassment any more! Now each paste has its place in the room and in your heart. How do you organize your chains?