Does the Nokia Empire Hit Back?

Nokia has recently announced by its company manager Rajeev Suri that the company wants to find the way back into the smartphone world. We remember: Microsoft has virtually sealed the end of the Nokia era by taking over the mobile department. We all thought that nothing would come. Wrongly thought. Now the once king of mobile phones wants to show that he still dominates his subject.

Does the Nokia Empire Hit Back?

The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!

Even today, the iconic memes circulate the net, in which a Nokia 3210 not only causes sloppy holes in the streets, but creates whole craters. The status of the Finnish manufacturer in the nineties has unfortunately long since faded. With the birthdays of the smartphones, the curve for Nokia was steadily steeper downhill. Now the group is daring to make a new start and would like to win over its former customers again. As early as 2014, they launched their first tablet, the Nokia N1, in China.This release was even more than successful. Technology and software. Motivation enough to push the European market again.

Late Recognition

Unfortunately, Nokia will not be able to produce its future models in-house. Because the then deal with Microsoft says that Nokia can not make its own hardware anymore. Of course not, otherwise they would be again a competitor of a company that the mobile era almost slept itself. Only the design and the name can come from the Finns. The rest must be done by another manufacturer.However, this is likely to lead to a few interesting cooperations. Google’s Nexus devices also use the technology of other manufacturers successfully. Ultimately, it does not really matter who the hardware comes from. Because as long as Nokia is in charge of the development, it simply does not make any difference who exactly the next smartphone builds.

Nokia And Android

We can safely assume that Nokia will equip its new smartphones with Android operating system .Because Microsoft will certainly not provide its own OS Windows Phone to strengthen the competition.