Do USB Hubs Slow down Transfer Rates?

Hello friends, today I’ll show you two peripherals that need to be taken into account if they will soon have to move from USB 2.0 USB 3.0, it is reader USB card 3 and USB hub with a separate power supply all USB 3 in addition hub can be used by post charger for smartphones has 4900 ports Mah anyone enough to load 4 2 smartphones and tablets simultaneously.

Changing from USB to 2.0 3.0 was necessary because to 480 Mbps speed is very low for the times we live in.
3.0 the USB provides a much higher speed, Mbps 5,000 3 near the speed of SATA (6000 Mbps). In addition, it can offer USB 3.0 and modern enough power for charging devices (900 mAh).
Some issues that will most likely put you:

1. Going on a USB device to the USB port 3.0 2.0?
A: Yes!

2. Going to a USB device to the USB port 2.0 3.0?
A: Yes!

3. Speed ​​USB stick that is connected 2.0 3.0 USB?
A: the Speed ​​is because USB 2.0 stick will go into USB mode 2.0.

4. How many MB / and download the file to the storage device to a USB 3.0 if it is effective?
Theoretically R. 625 MB / s speed, but we have to take into account other factors that can reduce efficiency. However, there was no USB device, even SATA, it can achieve this speed.

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