Do Not Overload Plugs

The online shop listed the questions about using the products and answered the main questions. Check and take advantage of lower market prices offered for your home

Some ordinary actions of everyday life do not receive the attention they deserve, as the correct care of the handling of the plugs (devices that transmit power to electronic devices). They are found in female versions,  and male types, those who follow the appliances and are responsible for receiving energy.

If not used properly, these products and the Benjamins (accessories that allow connections of different energy points in the same outlet) can be damaged and even give electric shocks. Not to have doubts about the use of such equipment, the online shop answered the main questions of customers.

The plugs can be melted?

Yes, they can. This is because the socket can work with a higher power than its capacity and, as a consequence, there may be excessive heating of the socket and the plug which is connected to it. In more severe cases, the melting may lead to the risk of fire.

How  to prevent overload ?

Connect devices with low power, such as clocks, TVs, DVDs and fixtures. Avoid connecting a Benjamin to another, as this may result in overload.

What are the places where it is not safe to use these products?

First, be careful with damp or wet locations, because if you connect plugs or Benjamins these places may occur electrical discharge. Therefore, avoid using hair dryer in the bathroom if the environment is very humid, usually caused by the use of the shower. If you need to use the device, make sure that the outlet is dry.

What are the recommendations to buy products?

When purchase Benjamins, you should check the maximum voltage that it behaves and how many outlets the product has. The products are available with two, three and four outputs. In the acquisition plugs, analyze the amperage of the product: if they are 10 or 20 amperes. And remember to check if the female plug is compatible with the male plug.

What care to be taken with these products when there are children in the house?

Bare products are an imminent danger to the little ones. Make sure the plugs and the Benjamins are in perfect condition and keep the electronic devices out of reach of the children.