Do It Yourself! Tin

I’ve always loved doing manual labor as a hobby. Any piece of paper or tissue ever seen something in my hand!

Do It Yourself! Tin

I did all the room of Bruna, the pots, baskets, anyway. But after she was born there time unfortunately. And the only thing I’m going to try to do are the wall decorations for Manuela’s room because I already bought some adhesive fabrics of Panoah mysteryaround and then I will show here on the blog what my idea.

I’m in love with these fabrics and inspired with so much that you can do without dirt and quickly. Just left some flaps so I decided to show you how we can reuse the cans of milk. Imagine how many cans played out and that can serve as a basis for many cool ideas.

I’m going to do a can to store crayons da Bruna which are circulating in the House and littering. For that the can is ideal!

And you don’t have to have any talent for it. It is pretty basic and easy to do.


-1 can of milk



-White glue

-a piece of tissue adhesive (send an email to Panoah and see where to buy because it has dozens of outlets:

You can use a common tissue flap and collar with white glue, but if it’s too of course will show up the bottom of the Tin and staining. The tissue adhesive is more blunt and better for it.

  1. remove the tin coating without leaving remains of glue or paper.
  2. After measuring the height of Tin, cut with scissors with a piece of cloth.
  3. wrap the can even give back all and cut the rest.
  4. Cut a piece for the lid
  5. Paste the piece on the lid and cut the excess with scissors. Then cut a thin strip and go pasting even give back.

This is the cover ready! You will setting the fabric with your hands because it is super soft and easy glue. Now imagine doing that with common glue dirt!!!

I took a Ribbon and satin with common white glue made a detail at the edges and gave a little bow. But can leave without also.

Ready to can if you want to use open with higher objects.

Or closed!

Easy isn’t it? And you can compose multiple cans of different sizes with different prints.

And enjoying the post, those were the comics that made for Bruna before she was born: