DKNY Collezione

Among the collections that these days marched on New York catwalks definitely worth a mention that proposed by DKNY (see abbreviationfinder), certainly one of the most beloved US brand, however one of the stylistic certainties of the flag of stars and stripes, firmly clinging to as fashion industry for over 20 years. DKNY offers some really interesting ideas for next summer. No excess, but not for this trivial heads, indeed, many are the dresses immediately mettibili in the most different occasions. While many designers offer collections dotted from immettibili leaders, closer to exercises in style that concrete proposals for ready-to-wear DKNY succeed really it tries hard to offer their customers one more opportunity without sforare excess.

DKNY Collezione

Among the many proposals that have paraded on the catwalks of New York absolutely notables are the mini dresses, whimsical and sensual allure vaguely country, and sophisticated jackets paired with tight pants.The American brand then offers a more personal polite and elegant version of “suit to get out”, the head already in the summer just ended has gone mad in shop windows around the world. DKNY has no half measures, the legs are show with the complicity of delicious miniskirt all flounces overlapped or covered up with long pants to the ankle. the mark then revisits the scarf, one of the evergreen of the female wardrobe and elevates it to garment.

The color palette is very interesting and stresses which will be essential in 2011 colors: khaki, white, turquoise, black and red coral, star of next summer is present throughout almost all of the New York catwalks.There is no doubt, according DKNY next summer will absolutely glamorous!

DKNY Collezione 1

DKNY: Be a Delicious City Blossom

During the weekend we were invited to meet exclusively for our half the new special edition of DKNY Be Delicious City Blossom fragrances #Fashionfans, this edition limited comes loaded with freshness, sophistication and 3 delicious odors ideal for you.

Notes these fragrances are made of teas; as well as being ideal for the spring and summer by the smells and sensations that transmits, they are also perfect for the bride, friend or MOM gift now that it comes may 10. New presentations are as follows:

City Blossom Urban Violet: Top notes are Mandarin, Blueberry, raspberry, and red delicious apple tree flower. Rose, Freesia and violet accents bring lightness to fragrance, at the time the notes base of sandalwood, Lily and musk provide an essence Woody. (purple box)

DKNY Collezione 2

City Blossom Empire Apple: offers the classic fragrance Be Delicious with a beautiful packaging of limited edition with botanical motifs. The aroma presents top notes summary of American Apple, papino, grapefruit and magnolia with middle notes of tuberose, white muguet, roses and violets. Notes base of sandalwood, blond wood and white amber resonate with the original fragrance. (green box)

City Blossom Rooftop Peony: The top notes are Tangerine, bergamot, Apple tree flower, pink lady and cassis. Rose absolute, Peony and raspberry accents provide fresh fruity and floral the scent, while the base notes like sandalwood, amber and reseda, land the essence. (pink box)

My favorite to you #Fashionfans is the City Blossom Rooftop Peony, is sweet and fresh at the same time, perfect for brunch or for an appointment in the evening.

DKNY Collezione 3

You Are a Shopaholic, And You Know It!

You never have to make ends meet with a “saved what he needed for the first instalment of the car” and checking your bank account you realize this 0.00 then probably you’re a Shopaholic… and so deceive us you need to be an addicted to shopping for clothes.

However, if still doubt you have been, here are some guidelines to make you discover if you really love to spend spend and spend!

1) how many times a month visits the Department stores?

Basics to consider yourself a Shopaholic of clothes are you going far? Rarely? What are the impulses that motivate you to go? It is only to “brighten up” the view or quevisitas increasingly a store of this type is to make any purchase.

DKNY Collezione 4

2) you go to the realizations of season?

Many shopaholics lack a certain stimulus to the realizations of season. It is not that they enjoy not buy clothes in a massive way, but rather that do not enjoy discounts and purchases of occasion (involving clear to buy the leftovers of the season). A shop-a-holic to consume the products of fashion is an activity that should be enjoyed warm. As soon as they are put on the market.

3) If you have to choose between a juicy lunch and pants, the latest collection from DKNY, which choose?

There is no doubt that there is no need to explain more this question.

DKNY Collezione 5

Cuestionate and be very honest with your answer. If already happened to you then just remember the precise moment of decision making what were the pros and cons that you considered? The food is an essential element in life and for many an immediate reward system. Putting the clothes to the meal could be an indication of the importance that acquires your wardrobe in your life.

(4) in a clothing store, Comoseleccionas what are you going to buy?

It might seem a very simple question, but the truth is that it is the most important of all. If you choose the clothes you will wear at the same time that you put eyes on it is very likely that your purchase is of a boost and not truly a taste. If for example, you decide to try several items before choosing which take is a procurement strategy that generally summarizes a more rational behavior.