Diy Wedding

If you already started planning your wedding, surely you have spent hours and happy days stuck at Pinterest. And is that, where else you can find hundreds of ideas “do it-you-same” for your big day? While it is true that this platform is amazing to get inspired and save, so is that do it all at your wedding is not as convenient as it seems.

So before you have a wedding completely DIY, read this article and decide things you can do yourself and what-for the sake of your emotional and physical balance-you must leave in the hands of experts.

Your Cake

Surely you know make delicious cakes, of that there is no doubt. But spend a whole day baking before your wedding might not be the best idea. Our recommendation: for ideas specific to what you want, from the filling and cover every detail, and requests a pastry chef as is to make your cake. It doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive to make it look divine. Look at some trends in wedding cakes. Here at thembaprograms you can get more information of the wedding decors.

Your Bouquet

We know that the temptation to make your own bouquet is great- especially when you see ramos as beautiful and are easy to do? Pinterest-, but this is something that we strongly recommend leaving in the hands of an expert.

Flowers can’t buy in advance, so you should create your bouquet in a hurry and risking yourself to flowers not arriving on time or in the right conditions. In addition, the hours before your wedding are to get ready and enjoy them with your closest loved. If you want to save, tell your florist what your budget and ask to use seasonal flowers.


Does your cousin just buy a professional camera? Your sister has thousands of followers in Instagram for their incredible photos? Think twice before you ask them to document the most important day of your life.

A professional wedding photographer knows where placed in every moment of the link to obtain the better decision. You know, in addition, take the best advantage of the daylight and has the “gift” of focusing on details that others ignorarían. It is worthwhile to invest in estol! SeeHow to tell your photographer what shots you need for your big day.


Why need a DJ when you can create a playlist on your iPod? Maybe you think that a DJ just puts “play” songs, but believe us, it does much more than that. He can find out what music to time of the wedding, or even depending on the mood of the guests.

In addition, a DJ doesn’t put the full songs, but only the parts most cheering the dancers. As if it wasn’t enough, lyou DJ’s are encouraging people and can incorporate last-minute requirements. Do still you decide between a DJ or a band live? Read this note.

Your Hairstyle

You may think that to save a little, you can leave the hair down and put a cute wreath. But you need much more than that to not look like on any other day: perhaps waves in your hair, a little volume or a simple braid. We recommend that Don’t risk having a “bad hair day” and let an expert take care of your hair.