DIY: Headboard+Cork Wallpaper Adhesive

Carla M, our guest today, showed how to reduce that “white background” the wall of your room by creating a beautiful head of Cork, the wallpaper adhesive was the “icing on the cake”. Like the idea? So come see this transformation.

DIY: Headboard+Cork Wallpaper Adhesive

Do It Yourself Headboard Cork

The idea of this DIY with adhesive materials is basically make the way to renew the House decoration, dispensing specialized labor that greatly increases costs, besides the pleasure of doing something with their own hands, turning the environments and leaving them to your I like.

The main objective was to reduce the amount of “white background” in existing walls and in the closet, what ended up highlighting the decorative elements of the room. The bottom in natural material used in this DIY was the Cork, “warms” visually the environment leaving the room coziest and ensuring a neutral background for the wide variety of combinations of bedding. The wallpaper Adhesive to Carla M is “icing on the cake”, being a special detail that will demonstrate the personality of who lives in the place.

The wallpaper Adhesive “Pied Coq” was exactly what Carla was looking for! A classic design and at the same time. The black and white print allows abuse of patterned bedding, thus ensuring a minimum of bold and interesting composition. And if you do not want to risk a lot just choose the flat bed games, or the good old black and white.

Materials Used For The Head Of Cork

Checking The Transformation

How Cork’d line the base of the wall Carla started her transformation. The material in plates are easier to install than the roll, because it accommodates the imperfections on the wall. On the outlets and switches the clipping on Cork should be done without removing the lid, because the Cork 4 mm thickness does not allow the lid is put back if removed. This track with 120 cm in height took only 1 hour to be installed.

Then the installation of wallpaper adhesive. As the material is adhesive installation is very simple and no mess! To ensure good finish starts removing a strip of 15 cm from the back of the sticker on top of the wall for vertical alignment and reveal small areas at a time, always with the help of the spatula that comes with the product. From the second roll the attention should be on aligning the pattern. No need to fear, because you can take off small areas of adhesive to fix any defects. Just take care before finishing with the spatula making sure everything is well aligned. The time spent with this step? Just 1 hour too!