DIY: Do It Yourself

DIY is the acronym of the expression in English Do It Yourself, which means “do it yourself”, according to abbreviationfinder.

DIY Do It Yourself

The DIY can be considered a “philosophy of life”, where the participants choose to abstain from buying furniture, decorative objects and gifts, for example, preferring, instead, manufacture them.

The concept of Do It Yourself is quite popular especially for making gifts or creative decorations, such as picture frames, clothes, jewelry, greeting cards, candles, bangles and etc.

The DIY would have begun to popularize since the 1970, with the spread of anti-consumerism and anti-capitalist ideals.

Nowadays, with the internet, there are numerous sites and blogs specialized in Do It Yourself, mostly targeted to people interested in design and decoration of environments.

In the Portuguese language, the DIY can also be considered a synonym of bricolage, which consists in the realization of small household jobs that do not require the use of professional services.

DIY Do It Yourself 1

For example, painting and decorative antique furniture customization is both a DIY activity also encompasses the concept of “do it yourself”, because the use of professional help.

You can learn more about the meanings of DIY at this category page.

4 Surprises DIY for Valentine’s Day

The diy – do it yourself – it is fashionable. And nothing better than to apply it in surprises the original for valentine’s day.

Gifts custom are always good options. In addition to having a personal touch too large, they are also a way to not ruin your monthly budget.

The gift ideas diy (do-it-yourself) for valentine’s day that run the internet are endless. From simple card games to scratch cards with messages, is to just pull by the imagination.

We have selected the best ideas of the diy gifts. Now just put hands to work!

DIY Do It Yourself 2



With a deck of cards, make an adaptation for a game spicy the two.

For this, you will need glue and scissors, a deck of cards and the box of the deck.

– How to run –

  1. Start by lining the box with velvet paper sticker red, or any other to your liking;
  2. To make the in-game instructions, need, also, of a sheet of paper folded and cut to the size of the cards. There, you should explain the rules of the game;
  3. Make, also, the Letter Award – where each one will write something that you want the boyfriend to do for you, as the prize. Cut a white sheet in the size of the cards, and place the blank inside of the box.

– How to play?

  1. It is simple to do. Before you begin, each of you should write his name and their desire in the Letter Award. These cards are only going to be used at the end of the game;
  2. Each begins the game with 5 cards and with the remaining, face-down, you should train a lot. The game begins when a turn the first letter of the lot;
  3. In turn, each one must play a card of the same suit or the same number of the card previously played. If you do not have any cards to play, you must remove the card from the mount. If you still do not have card to play, you should spend your time;
  4. The game ends when one of the players running out of cards. In the end, the prize will be determined by the Charter Prize. Whoever lost the match, the duty to carry out the desire of the other.

DIY Do It Yourself 3


For these scratch cards, you will need a few cards for Valentine’s day and some white cards.

– How to run –

  1. Cut the white cards in the format smaller and paste them to cards with messages that allude to valentine’s day, so stay with a white background;
  2. With a black pen, draw hearts on the white card. Within the hearts, write the prize – a massage, a session of cinema romantic or a dinner made by me”;
  3. Later, mix red ink with soap for the dishwasher. Use this mixture to color the hearts, and to cause the messages to be hidden under the paint.

Your scratch card is ready! Do not forget to inform you that only one of the hearts can be shaved!!


Try to show, through words, to your boyfriend because you like him. Nothing will make you more happy this small gesture.

DIY Do It Yourself 4


If your better half is greedy, you will love this treat. Choose your favorite recipe, buy a way of cooking with the heart shape and make cookies or biscuits to offer you.

You can put in a container and so you can take it anywhere with a souvenir of his, on the day more romantic of the year.

Try this recipe of cinnamon!

– Ingredients –

  • 1 teaspoon well filled with cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 100ml of milk
  • 300g sugar
  • 500g of flour

DIY Do It Yourself 5

– Mode of preparation –

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC.
  2. Place all ingredients in a deep bowl and knead them well until you get a uniform mass.
  3. Polvinhe your kitchen worktop with flour and roll out dough with the rolling pin from the kitchen, until it becomes very thin.
  4. Cut the biscuits in the shape of a heart with the shape.
  5. Place on a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes and.. Voila!

It is so simple to make someone happy! Enjoy Valentine’s day!