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DIY: Do It Yourself

DIY is the acronym of the expression in English Do It Yourself, which means “do it yourself”, according to abbreviationfinder.

DIY Do It Yourself

The DIY can be considered a “philosophy of life”, where the participants choose to abstain from buying furniture, decorative objects and gifts, for example, preferring, instead, manufacture them.

The concept of Do It Yourself is quite popular especially for making gifts or creative decorations, such as picture frames, clothes, jewelry, greeting cards, candles, bangles and etc.

The DIY would have begun to popularize since the 1970, with the spread of anti-consumerism and anti-capitalist ideals.

Nowadays, with the internet, there are numerous sites and blogs specialized in Do It Yourself, mostly targeted to people interested in design and decoration of environments.

In the Portuguese language, the DIY can also be considered a synonym of bricolage, which consists in the realization of small household jobs that do not require the use of professional services.

For example, painting and decorative antique furniture customization is both a DIY activity also encompasses the concept of “do it yourself”, because the use of professional help.

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