Discover the Fat “Galaxy Note 3 features” on Any Android [TIP]

If you have not yet dared to jump on Samsung’s popular Note 3, try “Galaxy Note 3 Experience” app on your Android.

In our previous and extensive review of Galaxy Note 3 had our site fine visits by Morten Witt from Samsung Denmark, who could show several, cool features from the company’s phablet-Marvel.

If you are still not convinced krabat’en or the benefits of the supplied S-Pen, then recommend the mobile site that you immediately download Samsung’s “GALAXY Note 3 Experience” app for free from Google Play, to your Android mobile here.

The app is pure advertising for phablet’en. Therefore it also starts up with a nice presentation video of specifications and original accessories.

-Then opens the list of 9 points of interest. From here you can select the max. 3 at a time, and then explore the selected functions, by pressing “NEXT” at the bottom of the screen.

-You can also press the “BACK” button at the top left, and then even explore loose in the “Key features” (important features) or “Accessories” (accessories).

-Under the most points you can optionally choose from “Experience” (explore) or “Hands on Video” (video).

The former gives so access to a guided tour of the great features which you partly inteagerer with a fictional user interface. Would you instead video, then you will be directed to Youtube, for example, from which the file is being played.

The app is certainly in English, but can comfortably give an overview of the specific advantages that Samsung offers.

If we have some experienced Galaxy Note 3 readers with compelling arguments for why exactly the mobile is the coolest, so share in the comments box.