Director Willing to Ditch BlackBerry Smartphones

If not BlackBerry’s smartphone Division earns revenue in this financial year, John Chen is ready to close down for development.

Although the BlackBerry still make phones, Director John Chen has made it quite clear that the company must be profitable in 2016, with or without smartphones.

For Bloomberg, he says that if the smartphone Department does not manage to earn money by the end of this fiscal year, he has six to eight quarters to replace the hardware with software that have better earnings.

“I have no plans to get rid of the phones, I have a plan not to be addicted to making them,” he says. ” It is, among other things, BlackBerry Messenger and increased focus on spreading the QNX that ultimately may come to rescue the BlackBerry.

Chen, however, does not think it necessarily goes so wrong so smartphone production must stop, he remains convinced that earnings enough to come, but he is clearly not pale in order to take some tough decisions if need be.