Different Types of LED Light Bulbs

Inspired by other construction blogs we had early in the planning schedule terminals around the house for corresponding outdoor lighting( electric sampling ). Subsequently this is possible only with difficulty or with enough time and effort. If however, this is already incorporated in the work plans, the conduits are suitable factory already installed accordingly in the walls and laid the pipes in the rough assembly.

Different Types of LED Light Bulbs

After the long search followed by a matching outdoor light. Initially, the idea was also herelike in appropriate low voltage (12V) LED spotlights to block because we already had available for this purpose, the central dimmer and power supplies available. Best known format is here MR16 GU 5.3. However, the market is negligible for such lamps and the selection mau. That is 230V it must now still be and a dimming is only once not possible or only by correspondingly expensive dim actuators (80-100 Euros per channel).

Rough, there are still a choice between following lamp base or lamp versions:

  • GU10: The largest selection, low, According to the size of the bulbs are not very small lamps. Large selection of lamps, especially for spot light with low radiation angle.
  • GX53: Less than GU10, however, the light bulbs are weaker, more expensive and the choice both of lamps and lamp is considerably lower. Because of its size, there are smaller lights. There are not many lamps, which have a spot light effect / low angle of radiation!
  • LED lights: Integrated, most expensive option and normally the entire lamp must be replaced if the LEDs do not work anymore. Selection is growing, but still low compared to GU10

Decided we went LED bulb for a GU10 lamp. Although we had initially a GX53 variant that was significantly smaller and less noticeable in the eye, but twice as high cost and low luminosity have then let us change your mind.

Fündig we were here at SLV: Astina Out ESL . A wide range of SLV lights and with correspondingly low prices offered by the ESK Shop  (The limited options there but durable and always with a new name).

As lamps a Samsung LED is used: Samsung LED Spot GU10, 6.5W, warm white, 25 °, 3000K (350 lumens). However, this is according to my status if only in remaining stock and thereby expensive available. Advantageously was in this light that it has a fairly large body (which is otherwise a disadvantage), thus optimally fitted to the air. Shorter lamps may have a slightly low luminance because the lamp then disappears inside the case.

An exchange of lamps is possible without tools. The essay can be respectively unscrewed the top and bottom. Regarding humidity need to also worry because by IP44 standard and appropriate seals everything should be safe.


The installation proved quite easy. Since the lamps are not particularly difficult, it is sufficient here lamps with simple wood screws without anchors in plaster or insulation (wood fiber panels) to attach. Uses We have screws in the format 5.0 x 60mm. Important here is mainly that this has a rather coarse / deep thread, so that the screw can firmly hold in the soft wood fiber. After about 2 hours every 8 lamps were mounted.


We are delighted with the result, as it exactly to our expectations. the 6.5 of the luminosity are W LED spots almost too bright. But you can still change either later times by dimming or other bulbs.

We can turn this each house page individually. Whether we connect a part of the motion, is likely to show only in the dark season.