Different Types of Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Safety devices prevent shock, burning and fire appliances

Make sure the electrical system of these places is composed of circuit breakers or fuses (suitable for industry and households, respectively). These security mechanisms reduce the risk of burning appliances and, in severe cases, even fire. Both products work in a similar way, by cutting the power when there is a high electrical current in the wiring.

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DR switch

Indispensable at any time, the DR switch (Residual Differential) prevents people from getting electric shock. This is because when there is a leakage current, the device detects the problem and turns off the power automatically.

Protective Devices (SPD)

Rays are always very dangerous. To avoid electrical discharge produced by them, install the protective devices (SPD) . These security mechanisms protect the power grid of the house when there is load of high voltage from the rays.


More found in homes, the fuses are available in different models. The cork version operates between half past six amperes.Since the cartridge option has capacity ranging from 10 to 100 amperes. To get an idea, a shower works with 30 amperes or up. Leroy Merlin offers packages of two or ten units, in small or large sizes.

Busbars and accessories

The buses and accessories electrically connect the circuit breakers for distribution boards. Before acquiring the device, consider the type of power, current, width and material type. If you have any questions, please contact an electrician.

Circuit breakers

Because they are more resistant to overloads, circuit breakers are indicated mainly for trade. In Leroy Merlin you find some types. The Din breakers are recommended for those who expect quick responses of the system when there are power surges. Since the Nema breakers are used when there is no necessity of immediate system responses. The DR model will solve problems related to the failure of electric conductors, preventing electrical shocks.