Detach From Your Library; Listen to Music by Streaming

The Advil launched this year the video series “Thinking Well with The OLIVIAS” in which the characters deal with cases of modern life, such as the large number of passwords you need to record or difficult art to imitate a tutorial posted on YouTube. In one of the episodes Olivia is approached by a thief who wants to steal your iPhone, but she has trouble letting go of the cell. See the video below.

Video on YouTube

As you saw in the video, the extensive music library of Olivia was one of the reasons that made the unit turn a sacred item, which can not be stolen under any circumstances. But the girl has a potential alternative to exercise the unit’s detachment: use of streaming music services. Here are three tips for this service.

hi Rdio

Here in Brazil the Hi Rdio was launched recently and already has an application that allows streaming. The catalog has over 18 million songs of various artists. To access it, simply register on the service the site and download the program (has to Android and iOS).

All new users are entitled to seven days of signing for free to try out the service – time enough for you to test applications and find out if it’s worth. After this period, the account reaches some limitations and you may not, for example, by streaming applications. The subscription costs 9 reals per month to 15 per month (only web access) (the Web and application access). Streaming, incidentally, works both as WiFi for 3G.


Despite the legal problems of the company, Grooveshark provides a good streaming music service. His focus is to create playlists that can be accessed on any device. The problem is that as the music files can be uploaded by the users, there is no guarantee that their quality will be the best. Not to mention the amount of repeated songs that will be shown in the search.

There is no service application for iOS and the program version for Android was kicked out of the Google Play Store shortly after returning last week. But there are alternatives: those who use Android can download the application directly from Groovehsark site (just activate installing applications outside of the Play Store) and who uses any other device can experience the player in HTML 5 that offers the service for mobile devices.

Terra Sonora

As the name suggests, the Terra Sonora is the Brazilian portal Terra. According to the website, there are 2 million songs available for streaming, which is not nearly as impressive as the 18 million that the Hi Rdio has, for example, but they are scattered in 150 different genres such as electronic, classical, pagoda, soundtrack and others.

The service has applications for iOS and Android, but access to them is paid only for those who choose the more expensive subscription plan. The subscription plans are Sonora 10, 25 and 50, and costs, respectively, 10, 15 or 60 reais a month. All plans allow access to unlimited streaming music online through the web, but what varies is the amount of songs you can download the service (10, 25 or 50 mp3 per month) and the possibility of access to applications.

The is a service similar to the previous, but has a greater focus on discovering new music based on what you’ve heard. It lets you search for an artist or song in its vast catalog and listen to similar songs in what they call “Radio”.
The disadvantage of is that not all songs are available for full streaming, they can be limited to 30 seconds each. But the advantage that the service offers is even able to find new artists and songs that you can not know yet.

The service also offers free apps for iOS and Android, but to listen to the radios you must have a subscription to the service – it costs $ 3 per month.

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