Denny, the Technological Bicycle

How about having a bicycle named Denny? Does that sound odd to you? But knowing this project, it may be that the name doesn’t make so much difference.

Seattle, United States. A city already known to accept and support the bicycle as a means of transportation, is innovating again with Denny. The project won the competition of the Bike Design project, beating teams of urban cycling centers like New York, Chicago, Portland and San Francisco. Voters across the country chose Denny as the best option, a novelty built by Taylor Sizemore and a team from Teague, the same design consulting firm that created the Polaroid camera, Pringles Potato can and Boeing jet interiors.

The bike was baptized with the name of the Denny family, which helped found the city Seattle, and also gives name to the steep street that connects Capitol Hill to the center of Seattle, feared by many cyclists.

Denny was constructed thinking of the rider’s safety, according to his creator. For him, most of the lights on a bicycle are hard for drivers to understand. “Traditionally, the bike does not say, ‘ I am a bicycle ‘ at night”; She just says, ‘ There’s a floating light in the darkness ‘. ”

According to, what also influenced the project were two accidents that happened to Sizemore while he rode his bicycle through the center of Seattle. In your memory are just flashes of what happened and the reminder of waking up fallen on the street with the shirt torn. The other memory is that of a car invading the cyclists ‘ lane and causing Sizemore to have to turn your bike completely to not get hit. All this with your wife watching the scene right behind him.

Considered the “coolest bicycle” for its customized design, it possesses lighting with light icons beneath the lighthouse, blinks and red brake lights on the back (illuminating the body of the bike) and a rechargeable battery easy to take and place and which serves to light and It’s illuminations. These combine to give drivers a sense for the view and a legible direction.

Denny is also equipped with an electrical assistance for steep climbs and a rubber chain in place of traditionally used (which is well “crummy”). Even the handlebars in the form of lasso can be removed to lock the rest of the bike in one place, thereby eliminating the need to carry a heavy padlock.

Their gears are hidden inside the bicycle frame, where an electronic device switches the gears silently to keep the pedaling at optimal speed. Innovation is also in the fact that the bike has an automatic transmission.

Your fender also has another structure. Most fenders involve all the top of the wheel, but they are heavy and they do not fit on all bikes. Denny “messes with the physics of the water,” said Sizemore. The bike breaks the water dynamics of the pavement before it flies up the wheels on its back-that because there is a simple rubber brush along the wheels.

Other safety features include a rack rather than a front fork pivoting, which is the part used to attach the front wheel to the bicycle’s body. Sizemore said this makes the bike suspension much more stable.

However, being the coolest bike on the bike path has a cost. Fuji Bikes will manufacture the winning design contest described at the beginning of the matter and sell it for about $ $3000.

For your creator, the price should not frighten consumers too much, because the bike will potentially replace a car and because people are already spending money on bikes. Denny must arrive at the shops in 2015.

Check out the video that details its features. Learn more here.

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