Denmark’s Strongest 3 G-Network Ready

Last night flared the last common antenna up in Telia and Telenor merger of their network.

Last piece in the big merge of Telia and Telenor’s 3 g network fell into place tonight, change in Copenhagen. Thus is Denmark’s most comprehensive 3 g network a reality.

With the last merger will now have 60% more Telia Telecom masts in downtown Copenhagen. This means that Citizens will get 99.7% 3 g coverage outdoors, with Telia’s enhanced network.

But with a closed chapter, Telia is now against the faster 4 g frequencies. ” With the completion of the 3 g-the merger we come on a national basis to cover 99% of Danes outdoors with 3 g, and before the end of the year, is the ambition to cover 95% of 4 g. ” says Heine Wieben R, network specialist in Telia.

Then the next stage of Telia and Telenor will be the upgrade of the ageing of 2 g networks which ensure voice and SMS, during 2014.