Decorative Wall Stickers

Do you want to leave your modern wall unpainted or do a lot of dirt? For those who like beauty and sophistication, without giving up the practicality you can not fail to read this tip.

Decorative Wall Stickers

The fashion now is to use stickers to decorate the walls, a very interesting idea. The stickers can be used in all rooms, and it is possible to find them of various sizes, colors and design. It is a good option for those who want to leave the modern and cheerful environment, without making dirt and spend a lot.
Some people change the decoration of pictures by stickers, the cost is lower, and also by the practicality that the sticker represents.

It is possible to find wall stickers in decor stores and also on various websites on the internet. There are a variety of models and prices.

But if you want to save even more learn how to do it, the tip is to make your own wall sticker yourself.
To complement the décor of your house or apartment you will need the adhesive film, a pen to scratch a mold and a good cut cutter and scissors.
Tip: Trace the molds in overhead pen, as it does not erase,

How to apply the adhesives:

Wherever you fly on the wall, you will position the adhesive you want to stick to, and with a cloth dampened with alcohol it will go over the adhesive and pulling the paper back, which is unglued and ready your wall will look wonderful.
Get to work!