Decoration the Linen of the Room

You painted the room with those perfect colors, put that headboard beautiful, the lighting is great, but the whole thing was not cool and you do not know what it is…Have you thought about bed linen? We often forget about this item that takes up an i-men-so space and makes a huge difference. So when you change the colors of the room you should review the bedding.See also:

Decoration the Linen of the Room

Here the purple of the wallpaper is dismembered at aceinLand (purple = red + blue, remember?) On the bed linen, bringing light and joy to the room, which would look really sad if it were not for her. Also, notice that the silver of the paper has not been forgotten. Another option could use more silver and pink, for example.

Again the wallpaper gives the tone of the decoration of this room: The delicacy and colors of this blue, pink and green print on white background is replicated several times, not only in bed linen but also in the room. Another option could use more Blue and green, for example.

Note that in addition to the colors, it adds more interest to the variation of textures and the concern with the “climate” that you want to convey.

A happy and creative neutral combination: The wall stripes and the polka dots of the blanket and cushion. The frame, the frame of the frame, the boxes and even the coffee tray also participate, with their shades of beige and brown. As the colors are neutral, this room allows for a very large variation of colors in the bed linen. Using as background the beige wall almost all colors will go well.

In the 2nd picture see the repeated and mixed wall and headboard tones on the bedding and the warm touch of the warm orange of the cushions. Another option could use cool colors with brown (like blue turquoise, for example).

The pink beige wall (?!?) Is present at the bottom of the fabric prints of all bed linen and bedside, and the pink and brown of the flower bedside repeat exactly on the blanket and the cushions. It can not be pretty. And for a change, keeping the headboard, bed linen could be used in pink, red, brown, etc. with touches of beige.

In the 2nd photo, the wood brown is (rather) present in the stripes of bedding that also has wall color, warm and green colors-See if it does not give you the idea of ​​a dusk in the forest in the middle of autumn! (The arrangement on the coffee table helps, but even without it this feeling stays, due to the colors of the stripes and the wood).

If there is something very colorful (like the striped wall) in a small room and/or you want this element to be what really draws attention in the room, do as in this picture: Use neutral colors for bedding with a touch Of one or two of the colors used in the element you want to draw attention to. In this case the magenta was used, but any of the colors on the wall would be fine.

Another neutral combination that uses the color of the wall and the curtain. To vary and totally change the mood of the room, bed linen could be used that repeats some of the colors of the colored comics, for example.

In the 2nd photo, a very colorful combination, perfect for a room all white, like this one. The objects accompanying the colors of the bedding bring even more joy and harmony to the whole.