Decorating with Wallpaper

In the entire room, on a wall or in a corner, only papers and adhesives guarantee personality to the decor, which gets a touch of creativity and sophistication. But with textures, colors and prints, the application requires planning or the space can be loaded.

So often the question arises: is it possible to use wallpaper in one room? Yes. In fact, the atmosphere is very cozy!

Three factors determine the size devoted to paper or wall sticker in the environment: color, texture, pattern. Neutral or bright colors and prints are the best options for who’s going to coat the entire room. Prints strong and vibrant colors are best suited for only one wall. The other, in this case, remain flat, with a uniform color.

The environment decorated with a wall coating requires harmony. The choice is very simple, because simply use one of the colors of the pattern to paint the other walls. According to mabletonproducts,  if the paper color is uniform, the trick is to combine it with a tone of the same family or use the technique of neutral base-use neutral tones on other walls and give a new look to the decoration  just changing the flooring.

Decorating with Wallpaper

The alternative to using strong and vibrant tones, like the Orange and red, is focus them on the wall behind the bed. There you can dare in the colours and in the prints, since it’s not that the villager look while you sleep.

There are papers and stickers of small, medium and large wall-coating does not need to take up the entire wall. Ideal for a perfect result, is that a professional performs the installation. However, some people can install alone. Worth checking out tutorials on the internet.