Decorating Tips: Decorating with Wall Stickers

Hey guys you might have noticed that I love and I love Decor wall stickers. By my room you can find stickers of all sorts. The coolest of adhesives is that they promote a change in the environment that you have no idea! And on top of that when you get sick is just starting.

Decorating Tips: Decorating with Wall Stickers

In my room for example I put stickers on the taken in discharge into the box, mirrors, wall and in all corners of my room(laughs) I think the cool effect! Give an exclusive touch to know? Only in your room has those details differ.

Another thing I like to do is invent fashion. Stickers which are generally used for a certain place I innovate by others. Adhesives that form a phrase I change the order the letters and form another. For example the first kitten picture actually was to put the switches.

Another example is on that wall. The sticker”Be more Crazy!” didn’t come. I clipped another phrase that I didn’t like and I formed this. Cool huh?

The case is to find quality stickers is a little difficult. I once bought a in TokStok store so big and known and he did not pay. Not glued on my wall or to pray mad! That’s why I point out the Elitizeshop. There you will find a variety like this… GIANT stickers. And to top it off they customize with your phrase or your name or to your photo. Cool huh? I’m thinking of buying one for putting down that last picture of Johnny, since she is no longer there, why I took.

I liked the stickers that store until I selected my favorite, are this, this, this, this and this .Of course I have many others, but come on! I don’t even have a place to put as many stickers as well. AIMEUDEUS!

And you knew the Elitize? Is there a sticker in the room? Contains everything to Yazooy! Click